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Wednesday, D
ecember 9, 2020, 7p
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This group meets on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss all things related to comic
books, anime, and manga.  Whether its Golden Age, Silver Age, Manga, or Anime, this group
tackles the ins and outs of art, story, and the graphic media. Join our moderators as they explore
the comic book universe.

This month we try to find some cheer in the holidays! Be merry! Be bright! We need
some superhero power to salvage this year!
Recaps, comments
Lost & Found

Chris H
January 2020 "found" us at Drawing A Crowd to start off the new year with our lost worlds / lost and
found theme.  Some of the comics Haywood highlighted:  

  • Ka-Zar
  • Conan the Barbarian
  • Savage Avengers

The TV show Land of the Lost was viewed, as well as Lost Horizon (1937) starring Ronald Colman and
Jane Wyatt. The Lost World written by Arthur Conan Doyle and it's 1925 silent film starring Wallace Beery
as Professor George Challenger were also mentioned. Conversation continued at a nearby diner where we
were still singing the Land of the Lost theme song....Marshall, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition. Met
the greatest earthquake ever known..... Fun and Informative.
Getting There Is Half the Fun - Deep, Dark Magic - Pirates Ahoy!
12/11/19 recap

Chris H
With Haywood under the weather, Barry was kind enough to step in and moderate. The big news was The
CW crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" being shown on five nights on Supergirl / Batwoman / The
Flash / Arrow / DC Legends of Tomorrow. Barry gave a history of the comic book basis and showed trailers
for Crisis and some of the films based on comics. All the attendees went to a nearby diner to continue the
conversation. Fun and informative evening.