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Wednesday, J
une 13, 2018, 7p

Hawthorne Library
345 Lafayette Ave
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
(973) 427-5745
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This group meets on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss all things related
to comic books, anime, and manga.  Whether its Golden Age, Silver Age, Manga, or
Anime, this group tackles the ins and outs of art, story, and the graphic media. Join our
moderators as they explore the comic book universe.

What makes a monster? Not just the men who make the monsters, the events that
make them monsters. This month's theme investigates the making of a monster. What
made Jack the Ripper the monster he was? John Wayne Gacey? Who was more monster
- Dr. Frankenstein or his creation?
Recaps, comments
Crime Spree
5/10/18 recap

The theme for May was Crime Spree.  Haywood knocked it out of the park with an awesome presentation
that spanned from Free Comic Book Day recap to Deadpool 2's hilarious video of Deadpool being put in his
place by Celine Dion.

Things started off with a brief recount of Free Comic Book Day and who got what free comic book and free
comic books were handed out. Haywood then opened with a brief explanation of the typical gangster vs.
the "supervillains" like Lex Luther and the Joker, who are actually way above street level thugs.  Haywood
provided a handout that listed, explained and differentiated the various crime familie
s in both Marvel and
DC universes. Here's the breakdown:

Gotham Underground - Unified Crime Family
  • Black Mask - these baddies tried to take on Batman and wound up with a stay in Arkham
  • White Shark - successor to Black Mask's empire

Crime Families
  • Cosa Nostra - under this family banner came Beretti, Bertinelli, Cassamento, Galante, Inzerillo,
  • Falcone - under this banner was also the sub-organization the Sullivans
  • Ibanescu
  • Maroni
  • Moxon's Empire
  • Odessa Mob
  • Riley
  • Sabatino
  • Yakuza

The Maggia is a fictional crime syndicate in the Marvel universe.  They like hiring mad scientists and
supervillains to do their dirty work.

Following the walk thru Crime Family alley, Haywood gave us May Trailer Madness!!  Lots of fun, the list of
trailers were:
  • Batman the Long Halloween - Batman attends a Godfather-like wedding
  • Venom trailer - looks great
  • Deadpool 2 - the Celine Dion slap-down is too funny
  • Teen Titans Go to the Movies - hilarious shots taken at Marvel movies
  • Ant Man and the Wasp
  • fan generated video mash-up of Infinity War
  • Castle of Count Nefaria
  • a look at the Iron Man video game

Fun and interesting evening that continued at a diner - cause the library had to close.
Labor Relations
4/11/18 recap

Chris H
Labor Relations. This month we take a look at stories of work, unions, and workers. All things related to
the working world - blue collar, white collar and everything in between.  Do superheroes have unions?  Did
Superman or Batman take sick days?  Let's take a look.  Haywood highlighted the Justice League #1, May
1987story Born Again.  The story deals with the beginnings of the Justice League and who would be in
control.  A spirited discussion included the upcoming Avengers Infinity Wars film, alternate time lines and
earths, the new 52(s), numbering of comics - the numbering is a long debated thing with fans.
Conversation continued at the Land and Sea Diner. Great evening was had by all.