Next up: Time's Up!
Wednesday, M
arch 14, 2018, 7p

Hawthorne Library
345 Lafayette Ave
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
(973) 427-5745
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This group meets on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss all things related
to comic books, anime, and manga.  Whether its Golden Age, Silver Age, Manga, or
Anime, this group tackles the ins and outs of art, story, and the graphic media. Join our
moderators as they explore the comic book universe.

This month's theme focuses on stories where characters are on a time table or deadline.
Will you make it on time? It could mean the difference between life or death.
Recaps, comments
New Year Start
1/10/18 recap

Chris H
Haywood gave us quite a few different topics this month to start the new year off with a look at all that's
coming up in the comic book universe!  
First up, let's talk nostalgia: Artist frankphotos and New York-based illustrator and designer Peter Stults.  
New to many attendees but a fan favorite for the others.  Next we moved onto superhero television and
movie money shots of 2017: CRISIS ON EARTH X and INFINITY WAR TRAILER.  Looks good!  Haywood then
ventured into hot toys for 2018: Justice League so far has the lead.  Haywood shared Steampunk cosplay:
Victorian Justice.  The detail put into these costumes is astounding.
Upcoming DC Animated Shows In 2018 was a favorite of attendees.
Top 25 Comics of 2017 - #1: writer / artist Emil Ferris "My Favorite Thing Is Monsters"
Interesting and diversified evening. I'm looking forward to Black Lightening.