Next up: This is Halloween!
Wednesday, O
ctober 10, 2018, 7p

Hawthorne Library
345 Lafayette Ave
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
(973) 427-5745
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This group meets on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss all things related
to comic books, anime, and manga.  Whether its Golden Age, Silver Age, Manga, or
Anime, this group tackles the ins and outs of art, story, and the graphic media. Join our
moderators as they explore the comic book universe.

The spooky, chilling, spine tingling, get the idea...all things Halloween.  
Recaps, comments
Don't Make Me Laugh!
8/8/18 recap

Our moderator, Haywood, did a great job representing our humor theme for August. Haywood started by  
showing a compilation of Super Villains throughout the ages on his laptop. Animated figures of both Jack
Nicholson and Heath Ledger showed up as The Joker, with too many other bad guys / girls to mention. Fun
visual and fun naming as many of the villains as you could! He also showed the trailer for the highly
anticipated Aquaman, starring Jason Mamoa, which looked truly awesome. Fantastic job representing
villains past and present Haywood!  Discussion continued at the Land & Sea Diner. Great fun was had by
The History That Never Was?
9/12/18 recap

Chris H
It was standing room only as a double digit turnout enjoyed a presentation by moderator Haywood
regarding our theme of what he called Alternate Histories. He used videos by Jay Park to show what he
felt were the top eleven/ten Alternate Histories of both Marvel
and DC.
  • 11 Marvel Noir 2009
  • 10 Earth 9602 1996
  • 09 JLA/Avengers 2003
  • 08 Marvel 2099 1992
  • 07 Old Man Logan 2008
  • 06 Squadron Supreme 1971
  • 05 Marvel Zombies 2005
  • 04 Age of Apocalypse 1995
  • 03 Marvel 1602 2003
  • 02 Days of Future Past 1981
  • 01 The Ultimate Universe 2000
  • 10 The New 52 2011
  • 09 Superman's Metropolis 1996
  • 08 Superman (A Nation Divided) 1999
  • 07 Red Son 2003
  • 06 Flashpoint 2011
  • 05 JLA - Age of Wonder 2003
  • 04 Zoo Crew 1982
  • 03 Animal World / Dream World 1990
  • 02 Batman - The Doom that Came to Gotham 2000
  • 01 Watchman 1986
The presentation was well done and thorough.  There was a lot of input from attendees like Danny, Bill,
Mike and even Barry added to the discussion "via satellite" - aka texted Gene the info lol! Lots of fun.
Festivities continued at the Land & Sea Diner. Great evening.