Activity Recap

On Saturday, 10/28/06, we converged upon Lyndhurst Mansion in
Tarrytown, NY for a wonderful private tour and day of fun and exploration.
Our tour guide did a great job of giving us both the history and the
gossip of the mansion. As we had the tour to ourselves, we were able to
look around to our hearts content and view each room. What was
supposed to be an hour long tour, took closer to two! The day was a
beautiful, sunny fall day and the views of the Hudson River were
breathtaking. At the end of the tour, the group was able to take
advantage of the gorgeous weather and walk the grounds. We walked to
the former greenhouses and gardens. Unfortunately, on the way, there
was a display of
SCARECROWS on the lawns! I find them terrifying. Did
group members take advantage and tell me the scarecrows were pulling
themselves down off of their sticks? Yes, of course. That's ok, I
remember all.

We spent a great deal of time in the greenhouse/gardens, and just
enjoying the afternoon. On the way back to the parking lot, we stopped
and explored the former stables (now converted into a cafe). The majority
of us continued the day at a nearby diner. In all, a fun time with friends,
visit to a great mansion where we received special treatment, and a great
special activity.
About Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst, America's finest Gothic Revival mansion and a remarkable
example of the Hudson River's grand and historic estates. Lyndhurst has
always been a place to escape the city and to enjoy the spectacular beauty
of the Hudson River and the peaceful surroundings of the country.

Visit the Lyndhurst Mansion's website here:
Trip to Lyndhurst -- October 28, 2006