Drawing A Crowd: Movie Magic Field Trip: Spider-Man 3

It's a warm and sunny day at the Clifton Commons. I pull up into a frontward parking position (my favorite) while
listening to the
Dreamgirls theme song....for the fifth time. I then head to the AMC lobby to pick up my
pre-ordered tickets (thank you MovieTickets.com!). I hear a familiar voice from behind me. At first I thought it was
Brad Pitt but I turned around and it was just Todd. Silly me, ha ha. He was getting tickets from the machine, too.
Well, great minds and all that jam. We then saw Heywood in the lobby and the "other" Todd and then Kara (ooh, i
hope that's the pleasant young woman's name. y'all know I have the attention span of a gnat--thank you very
much Nintendo). Adrian (spellcheck) was there sporting a Venom insiginia t-shirt. And Aurelia's nephew was
there too. Once my friend, Jonathan, showed up I went to the concession stand to get my grub.

Got the popcorn. Got the Pepsi. Best thing about Clifton Commons AMC: SELF - SERVE -BUTTER - STATION.
Heaven on freakin' Earth. And then I went into the theater with Jonathan and we found a row of seats that
seemed to be reserved by the  geek gods just for the SFS. So gradually the other SFS members strolled in and
there was Aurelia. And then Brian Keveney appeared and Abdul later on after that. The previews kicked in (see
my newest edition of Trailer Trash for more details). Most outstanding preview had to be for the new Harry Potter
movie. Whoo! That's gonna be an awesome lightshow. Harry and friends going to war against Voldemort. Heck
yeah!! And finally the movie starts......

The movie was projected on the screen and we watched it.

After the movie we got up and left the theater.

After we left the theater we gathered outside to head to Applebee's for more merriment. I had the Buttermilk
shrimp with fries. Didn't finish the fries but the shrimp was good. I offered my shrimp to Todd but he refused.
Probably thought I sprayed my cooties on it or something. Oh well, more for me (nyah, nyah). Ooh, and you
shoulda saw Brian K. get all steamed with the waiter because he couldn't get his meat rare (Note to Self: Never,
ever tick off Mr. Keveney unless I'm packing heat. Note Saved).

While we were waiting for food and after we got our food we discussed Spider-Man 3. What we liked, what we
hated, what we woulda done differently, rated the worthiness of a sequel, etcetera, etcetera. Abdul took over the
moderator reins (Thanks, dude!). So, Spider-Man 3 was the main topic....for like 10 minutes and we then went all
over the place in the usual SFS tradtion: X-Men 3, League of Extraordinary Gentleman Vol II, X-Factor, Highlander,
Iron Man movie, Iron Man being played by our favorite celebrity pothead Robert Downey Jr, and bunyons and hair
weaves and Simon Cowell obsessions, OH MY!!

And then Taras showed up. You know a party ain't a pah-tay until Cat Daddy Taras arrives on the scene (in a
gangsta lean, word to ya Jabba).

We finally left the restaurant, with a crazy drunk Todd in tow. I keep telling him to leave those Shirley Temples
alone but NOOOO! Just be thankful he didn't fall off the bar doing the dance scene from "Coyote Ugly". Every time
we go to Applebee's there goes Todd doing "Coyote Ugly" on the bar. Don't even ask me where he found the
time to change into those daisy dukes.

Okay, okay, back to reality. We all left sober and satisfied. Or at least I did. Another well organized field trip.

Must give a "shout-out" to Danielle who scored us a bigger table. Next time you go to the Clifton Commons
Applebee's make sure you find Danielle and give her a great big hug. And to Carlos who worked very hard to
make sure our bellies were full even after being a little bruised by the "Rare Crusaders". He even offered
dessert. Good man, that Carlos.

Next month's topic: Um....I dunno....let's see.......howabout "The Advancements in Paper Bag Technology"? "Pez:
America's Next Top Narcotic"? "I Was A Teenage Menudo Fan"?

The highly anticipated final chapter of the popular Spider-Man trilogy sees Peter and
Mary Jane finally together, but three new enemies, the Sandman, Venom and Spidey's
old enemy, the New Goblin, his best friend, Harry Osborn, threatens the lives of people
close to Peter. The greatest battle lies within May 4th, 2007 (from
Drawing A Crowd Outing -- May 9, 2007