The Iron Horse
20 Washington Ave (map)
Westwood, NJ 07675  
Phone: 201-666-9682
Fax: 201-666-1163

Burgers, pies, club car sandwiches, cappuccinos and kitschy train memorabilia --
they're all in the mix at this Westwood landmark nestled inside a 19th-century hotel.
Named for the Pascack Valley train that thunders by just steps from the front door,
the bustling restaurant does very well by any number of calorie-laden appetizers
and meat, fish and dairy platters, but is justly famous for its burgers. If you love beef
but hate cheese, be sure to make that clear to your server. Otherwise you'll wind up
with what most regulars insist on -- a perfectly spiced and seasoned slab of ground
beef (over)- stuffed with a pillow of silky, melted cheese. Come for the hand-cut
fries, fresh squeezed juices and bulgin' Belgian waffles and you'll understand why
this is the place to nosh and nibble in Westwood, especially if you like to eat up long
after the sun has gone down.

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Dinner & Chat at the Iron Horse Restaurant

A large crowd of folks were on hand to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the SFSNNJ
at the Iron Horse Restaurant last night in Westwood. Jim and I arrived at 6:30 pm
and found most of our gang were already present & accounted for. Many of our
guest speakers who wanted to come
couldn't be there (apparently Ken Gale & Jack Ketchum missed their trains) but
Sandy Schlosser made it. I guess she's truly one of us now (Gabba, Gabba, we
accept you, we accept you, one of us). By 7:00 pm, the buffet was ready and Todd
adroitly directed traffic so that everybody got something to eat. Midway through the
proceedings Todd got up to give a speech and was promptly heckled (Aurelia went
"where are the handouts, Todd?"). But he promptly recovered & thanked all of us
who contribute on a regular basis to help make The SFSNNJ what it is (even Bill
Wagner!!!). Special thanks were given to Ann-Marie Brown (whom Todd said would
strike him down with lightning if he didn't) and Todd concluded by saying that he
loved us all. A while later we were alerted about dessert and then again when it was
time to settle the bill. By 9:30 the party
was slowly winding down & Jim & I headed home. But a Splendid time was had by

It should also be pointed out that intrepid documentarian Christi Farina was on hand
to record the festivities and that topics of discussion varied throughout the room
from historical and societal
revolution to pictures of France and much, much more! I would also like to take this
time to thank everyone who was not at the special event: This group belongs to all
of you and you all work so hard to make everything function! To quote Snidley
Whiplash in the
Dudley Do-Right movie: "You guys are the best gang a villain could

Also, special thanks to the waiter, Randy, and the staff at the Iron Horse for making
things work out so well for us!

Photos by Bill
Iron Horse Restaurant -- July 28, 2007