It's a Wonderful SFSNNJ Holiday Dinner Recap

As Steve so nicely recapped, we had a great time at dinner on the 19th.  Ice, snow, and the cold did
not deter us!   

We arrived at Mahwah Bar & Grill just as the snow started falling.  We gathered in the waiting area
while they prepared our room for us and there was a nice, warm fire going in the fireplace.  Kathy H
gave us candy with the order, "I'm not taking any of it home" (she also quickly grabbed one and said
it was "special" for Chris as it was his birthday - lol).  We enjoyed lively conversation while people
drifted in and then we ordered.  The food was delicious and the ambiance was very nice.  Aubrey,
Mike P, and Jonathan arrived soon and weren't able to fit at the long table given to us so they had to
sit at their own table next to us.  They were joined by Moira.  We were also joined by fun newcomer
Cynthia Soroka, who fit right in (while waiting, Bill called to ask where we were - he was at the
wrong restaurant!  Too funny.  Without missing a beat, Cynthia states, "how could he send me an
email with the link and information and go to the wrong place?!)

It was truly a pleasant evening with good food, good conversation and much fun.  People
exchanged gifts, cards and good wishes.  Bill, still fixated on being able to take pictures with his
camera, shared some photos he had recently taken and provided the back story to them (holiday
decorations at Grand Central and what looks like a dog driving a car).  Barry had handouts of the
award nominees, Rankin Bass and a few others, that paved the way for discussion of
likes/dislikes/who will & who won't win.  As usual, no one wanted the night to end, so of course,
coffee and dessert had to be ordered.  

We begrudgingly left as they tried to close the restaurant.  Everyone had a great time and expressed
a desire to return for another special activity.  It was a wonderful time spent with friends and an even
more wonderful way to close a great year.   Looking forward to even more fun and success in 2008
with all of our friends.
Mahwah Bar & Grill
2 Island Rd
Mahwah, NJ 07430
December 19, 2007

An excellent suggestion from our Films to Come Moderator, join us for dinner at Mahwah Bar &
Grill, 2 Island Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07430, 201.529.8056. Menu can be viewed at
www. Meet Todd between 6:45 - 7:00pm.

About MB&G
Est. 1992 – “Pride Through Tradition”
Family Owned, Family Atmosphere

Great burgers, steaks, seafood, sautés, pasta and much more make this the place for everyone.
The Kunisch family continues the tradition started by their great-grandmother at the Allendale Bar
& Grill in 1935. The MB&G pride itself on serving four-star meals in a family atmosphere at pub-
like prices. Just be warned – most people who stop by once are hooked for life! Bring your family
in to meet ours. Lose yourself on our outdoor patio.
Mahwah Bar & Grill -- December 19, 2007
These pictures were provided by
Bill with the captions:

and you thought driving
with a cell phone was
Christmas at Grand Central