The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel
Parsippany, NJ
June 21, 2008
Deadly Ink Conference

Todd and Sandy will represent the SFSNNJ as members of this
panel: 3:30-4:15 -
Crossing Over: Blurring Genre Lines , The
Morris Room. Deadly Ink June 20-22, 2008, The Sheraton
Parsippany Hotel, Parsippany, NJ.
Deadly Ink Conference -- June 21, 2008
Deadly Ink Conference Recap

Todd and Sandy represented the SFSNNJ on Saturday, June 21, 2008 at the
Deadly Ink Conference.  Those of us who attended to show our support to Todd
and Sandy were treated to a wonderful time in some fancy accommodations!

The event took place at the Parsippany Sheraton.  The building resembled a
castle.  We stood in the parking lot imagining it being a holdout against invaders in
a post-apocalyptic world.  Todd and Sandy had all of the details, down to the part
where the drawbridge was removed when they filled in the moat to make a parking
lot - we should have known we were in for some fun.

The inside was just as gorgeous as the outside.  Several weddings were going on -
Jo and Sandy wanted to crash them.  You don't even want to know how they were
going to explain being a guest - too funny and you had to be there.

The panel was in the Morris Room.  Nice digs.  The first room was a book room with
the featured authors' books set up and each author present to sign, chat and meet
people.  We got name tags, bags, loot and other assorted goodies - cool.  The
panel was in an adjoining room, nicely set up - the speakers were all seated at a
fancy-schmancy dais).  The panel began, the door closed, and we were entertained
for the next 45 minutes to a fun time.  Todd and Sandy "owned" the panel -  they
had the audience laughing, nodding in agreement, giving thumbs-up and
completely enjoying the answers to the questions.  

On the panel was our new friend and future Suspense Central guest, EJ Rand!  For
those of you lucky enough to attend his presentation in May, you know what a nice
man he is.  He was our May Special Activity guest.  Our guest, not Borders.  He
remembered us and happily came over to chat after the panel.  He also confirmed,
again, his joining us in December for Suspense Central.  He proudly showed us the
cover for his soon-to-be-released second book and the certificate showing he was a
finalist for an award (not bad for a first-time writer).

The panel wrapped up and people swooped in on Todd and Sandy!  No joke.  
Neither of them could get away from the dais!  They both had a line of people
waiting to talk to them.  We are so proud of them both!  Sandy them had to go to
her table to sign her books.  We hung around chatting, meeting some nice new
people, poked around the hotel, then headed out.

All in all, a gorgeous location, a big thanks to Debbie Buchanan over at Deadly Ink
for this wonderful opportunity, an enjoyable afternoon, and an overall success.  
Congratulations Todd and Sandy, and thanks for those of you who came out to
show support.