Face the Fiction King of Games Event
August 14, 2010
Last year you joined us at New Moon Comics for board games, card games, and a whole lot of fun
as we screened
Haunted Hayride.  This year, come on back for more games, more excitement, and
even more fun!

This month we return to Fun & Games with King of Games Day. The SFSNNJ will have a day of
gaming, food and fun. Gaming, movies, mayhem and more.

Please bring a favorite movie for viewer's choice.  Movies will be shown throughout the day as viewer’
s choice on the big screen!

In addition to movies, for your entertainment, and because a Games Day without Games would be
strange, check out demo tables for the following games:

Dark Heresy: Hell World
Sentenced to death for the amusement of heretics and traitors, a small band of Inquisitorial Acolytes must fight their way free of
their prison and across a hostile world with only their wits and a few weapons.  The question is does this freedom mean escape,
or is it simply another facet of the renegades' plan?  A table will be dedicated to finding out if you can survive against the odds
Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying game set in the grim darkness of the far future.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Teams
Back by very popular demand, we have a session of Warhammer 40000 Kill Teams returning to the tables for King of Games
Day.  This time, it is a King of the Hill game with players teaming up to reign supreme on the battlefield.  The following Teams
will be available for play:

Red Team: Chaos Space Marines & Orks
Blue Team: Grey Knights & Imperial Guard
Green Team: Tau Empire & Eldar Harlequins
Black Team: Necrons & Dark Eldar

Todd Ehrenfels will referee the classic Games Workshop Game and may even get to play!

AT-43 Demo
Join the revolutionary forces of Hades, better known as the Red Blok, and the warriors of the United Nations of Ava as they fight
to stop the nefarious Therians.  Learn the ins and outs of
Rakham Entertainment's amazing game of war in thefar reaches of
space in the distant future.

Flames of War Demo
American GIs, British Doughboys, German Panzertruppen, Soviet Conscripts, and even French and Italian troops join the fray in
Battlefront Games epic game of WWII battles.  Command Tanks, Troops, Artillery, and Airplanes as you fight the war that
forged the Greatest Generation!

Monsterpocalype Demo
Martians, Cthul, and Monsters, oh my!!!!  Take a look at this fantastic game of Monsters and Mayhem from renown publisher,
Fantasy Flight Games.  Ever want to Chomp NY?  Really love Voltron?  Ever wish you could slap Godzilla upside the head?  Join
us and you will get your chance!

Board Games:
Horus Heresy
Decide the fate of the Galaxy as you lead the Loyalist forces of the Emperor or the Traitorous forces of the renegade Warmaster
Horus in the greatest battle of the 31st Millennium.  
Horus Heresy by Fantasy Flight Games is an immersive and engaging look
into the beginnings of a war without end.

Space Hulk
Games Workshop's classic game of fighting aliens in dark corridors returns with updated miniatures and easy to learn rules.  The
board and scenario will be set up and a tutorial will be run to acquaint folks with the game.  Once you start, you will play all

Commands and Colors: Ancients
Join the GMT Games demo of Commands and Colors: Ancients and lead the forces of Rome against the might of Carthage as
you fight the Punic wars across the table.  Vie for supremacy of the ancient world in this amazing game.

Washington's War
Fight the blasted redcoats for American Independence in this GMT game that reminds us how it is that we came to be free!

Keep in mind that this is only a taste of what will be available!  
Join us to see all the other great games that are in store.

Snacks and Beverages will be available for purchase, and pizza will be ordered later in the evening.
Pizza: $1.25/slice payable to Fantasy Games & Hobbies (special thanks to Manuel and Jeff for the special

Face the Fiction: Where imagination lives!
Fantasy Games & Hobbies
9 Miller Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
2nd Annual Face The Fiction King of Games Day!
Saturday, August 14, 2010 from 2p to 10p
In addition to an evening of fun, we will
also be honoring the memory of our
dear friend Timothy Cook, and raising
money for charity.  All donations will be
presented to the
Hero Initiative as a
donation in the name of Tim Cook on
behalf of the SFSNNJ and Fantasy
Games & Hobbies!