Jonathan Maberry
August 12, 2006
About Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry is a professional writer and writing
teacher; since 1979 he's sold more than 900 articles, sixteen
nonfiction books, three novels, as well as numerous short
stories, poetry, song lyrics, video scripts, and two plays.
Jonathan recently released his first book-length fiction, with
the spooky thriller
Ghost Road Blues.
Post Meeting Write-up

A good time was had by all at the August installment of the
SFSNNJ Face The Fiction lecture series held last night at the
Borders B&M store in the Garden State Plaza Mall, Paramus.
Since there was no pre-meeting activity planned out of
respect for the passing of Carol Smith last Friday, we started
at 8:00 pm with Chris Hasselkus introducing Jonathan
Maberry, our guest speaker for the evening. Mr.
Maberry began by discussing the writing life in
general,describing how it's easier to get non-fiction work
published easier than fiction,specifically magazine articles.
He started his career by writing articles on martial arts,blues
& jazz music, cooking,& child care,then his career made a
twist when began researching the folklore of vampires &
werewolves. This led him to write a series of books on the
subject(including his latest,
Vampire Universe, which is due
out next month) and inspired him to write his first novel
Ghost Road Blues. Its the story of the spirit of a deceased
blues singer returning to his hometown in order to save it
from an evil reincarnation. Mr. Maberry read from a flashback
portion of his novel, which had the blues singer engaged in a
fight with a werewolf
(which may have been the devil)whom he eventually kills,
then buries in a unmarked grave. It is later revealed the
singer has been hung for this action and also hints that the
devil could come back.

Maberry answered many questions and gave his opinions on
other sci-fi /horror authors & films, including Harlan Ellison,
Stephen King, 2010, & The Haunted. We thank Jonathan
Maberry for a great lecture and discussion.