L'Aura Hladik
October 14, 2006
About L'Aura Hladik

A ghost hunter since 1993, Ms Hladik founded the New
Jersey Ghost Hunters Society in 1998 after attending an
International Ghost Hunters Society meeting in
Pennsylvania. Since there wasn't a New Jersey chapter at
the time, she created one and affiliated it with the
international organization.

Today, the NJGHS is the largest paranormal investigating
organization in New Jersey with over 380 active members. In
addition to hunting in New Jersey, she's ghost hunted at
famous haunts around the United States and conducted the
first NJ Ghost Conference at The Inn at Five Ponds in
Vermont in 1999. L'Aura has written for Ghost! Magazine,
New Jersey's Histories Mysteries, and various local
newspapers on her ghost hunting experiences. She has
appeared on local cable TV shows, Fox 29 news, News 12
NJ, as well as NY and NJ radio shows. Internationally, L'Aura
has been on radio shows in Russia, South Africa and
Australia, as well as the television French news show M6.
Currently she is writing a book of her many ghost
investigations and haunted experiences in New Jersey.

Post Meeting Write-up

The decision to go with a ghost theme in the spooky month
of October was apparently a very wise one! Guest speaker,
L'Aura Hladik, founder of the New Jersey Ghost Hunter's
Society, drew a 40 plus crowd. In fact, twice, Todd had to
get up and request more chairs as people continued to filter
in. There was literally standing room only in the back of the

The night began with a power point presentation that
highlighted the where, why and hows of "ghost hunting". It
also included some really cool pictures of various "haunted"
houses, cemeteries, orbs and other light anomalies. Several
people instantly recognized the background music as the
Moody Blues. The tone was set - we were in for a spooky
and entertaining ride. L'Aura then gave an awesome 1 hour
and 20 minute presentation about her various
investigations. Included were how they find out about cases,
equipment used and the precautions and guidelines used to
ensure "skeptics" can't refute findings, what ghost hunters
really do (they do not trap ghosts in little boxes) and
different kinds of hauntings - you do not want an elemental!
Rotting flesh smells, nasty attacks! L'Aura ended the
presentation by opening the floor to questions. The
questions were insightful and varied. Each question was
answered with a thorough response - some chilling! As Mike
P put it, "she really spooked me." L'Aura was a fantastic
speaker who combined a nice mix of fear and fun. Anyone
wanting to see more of L'Aura can watch the Montel Williams
show on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 where she will be a
guest - check your local listings! She is worth it.

Half of us continued the night at a nearby diner where the
theme continued. Just as we sat down, settled in and
started looking at menus - two more members showed up.
After shifting and a lively
round of musical chairs, we got food. Conversation recapped
the presentation - everyone was impressed. Restoration of
classic movies, the tub scene in Spartacus, copied Homer
Simpson pictures, and ketchup vs. no ketchup were just a
few of the things flying around the table. Silly, good fun.

Special thanks to Todd for stepping up to the plate and
introducing L'Aura with no prep! Thank you Todd. Join us
next month when we explore all things mystical, magical,
legendary and more, as guest speaker,
Suzan, takes us on
a journey through times of mist and magic.