Paul Levinson
February 10, 2007
About Paul Levinson

Paul Levinson writes science fiction, sf/mystery and
popular and scholarly non-fiction.
The Silk Code won
the Locus award for Best First Novel of 1999. His
The Consciousness Plague won the 2003
Mary Shelley Award for Outstanding Fictional Work. He
has published 29 science fiction stories, some of
which are now available on His novella
"Loose Ends" was a 1998 Hugo Award finalist, a
finalist for the 1998 Sturgeon Award, and a finalist for
the 1997 Nebula Award. The radioplay of his novelette
"The Chronology Protection Case" was nominated
for an Edgar Award for Best Mystery Play of 2002.
Digital McLuhan won the 2000 Lewis Mumford Award
for Outstanding Scholarship. His work has been
translated into twelve languages.
Post Meeting Write-up

It was a great time Saturday at Face the Fiction. Paul
Levinson's recounting of his research was hysterical - "it was
on the web, it HAS to be true!" And his subsequent attempts
to make the sites with incorrect/false information change it
was too funny. His ire over the use of "his worst book" story
had us cracking up. He was truly an enjoyable guest with an
easygoing, fluid way of presenting. The questions kept
rolling once he opened the floor to questions. He particularly
enjoyed questions from Kate Landis, Bob LeBow, Steve H
and Brian Keveney. Ana introduced him to an author he's
never read, and he, Aurelia and Bill enjoyed talking about his
blogs. He gave an added bonus of providing spoilers for his
next novel, Unburning Alexandria. Every copy of his book
was purchased by members and Mr. Levinson happily signed
each book even though it was 9:55!! Just for the record,
Todd said he'd give us 5 seconds to go up and buy a book,
counted to 2 and ran up and grabbed one!!! Cheater! At
least he didn't push us out of the way.. The fun continued at
the diner afterwards with Paul D, Jo, Me (Ann-Marie), Dean,
Madeleine, Tom, Gene, Steve H and Bill W drawing the short
straw and having to stand in the  "cold, unforgiving diner
lobby" while we waited for seating (there were so many of
us, we were blocking the door and someone volunteered
people to move - I think Todd cheated again). Ingrid was
going to use the rolling pin she had purchased earlier so she
got to stand in the nice, warm inside...lesson - carry a
weapon. When they finally did seat us, they had to put us at
two separate tables parallel to each other to accommodate
all of us. Much conversation was carried out between the
two tables and much fun was made of me - yeah, yeah just
keep poking at the viper in the corner you guys - I will attack
- you wait. Conversation ranged from movies, conventions
and books to music, torture chambers with gift shops and
Bloody Mary's...great time - the usual for the SFS.