Ken Gale
May 12, 2007
About Ken Gale

Ken Gale producer, co-host, interviewer and eventually
engineer for
'Nuff Said!, is also a professional comics writer
and editor. His first professional sale, an interview with Jerry
Robinson, was published in
DC Comics' Amazing World of
DC Comics #4
in late 1974. During this period he started
personal relationships with many comics professionals, which
has been a great asset in obtaining the quality and diversity
of guests for
'Nuff Said!. His first fiction appeared in Creepy
and he has also written for math textbooks (those
questions at the end of the chapters, "Practice Your Skills"),
numerous magazine, e-zine and newspaper articles, and a
number of other comic book titles including
The Good Guys
for Defiant and wrote the comic strip Miranda for
Puritan magazine from 1996-2000. His first radio
experience was via Ed Menje at the now-defunct WHBI-FM in

He conducts and moderates panels at the
Big Apple Con in
New York City. Those panels usually become episodes of
'Nuff Said! He's been a member of several apas and is still a
member of Interlac. More recently, he's put out a
dvd version
of his radio show. Look for an environmental horror story he
wrote in
Psychosis #2 (2007). And he was on the Board of
Directors of the Celtic League American Branch for quite a

By the way,
Re-animator fans, he also happens to be the
nephew of actor David Gale
Post Meeting Write-up

Saturday's Face the Fiction - what to say....awesome
wouldn't begin to cover it.  But, before I go into details -
Steve and Jim left before the end so they didn't get to hear
themselves being thanked.  It was their generosity that paid
for the night - thank you so much.  We have thoughtful
people in this group!

Steve mentioned, I had to let them in when they arrived.  
Why?  We were told to lock the door after the museum
volunteer (who was named
Annmarie oddly enough) left.  
Her words were, "you may want to lock this after me - in
case."  In case?!  In case what?!  Of course,
Aubrey's lovely
reminder of the movie
Dawn of the Dead immediately jumped
into my mind - my already overactive mind!  Did museum lady
know something we didn't?  Is this why the Bergen Mall has
no shoppers?  Zombies eat them all!!  Great - I tried not to
think about it - tried being the operative word.  During the
course of the night, you couldn't avoid thinking about it.  
Creepy things did happen.

People started arriving before 7 - our guest, his wife and a
friend included.  What a nice man
Ken Gale is.  He was
approachable, friendly and downright nice.  
Todd and I
noticed the refreshments going quickly and took a run to
ShopRite - the long way.  
Todd took a wrong turn and then
grumbled how he always does that on that particular road.  
He wasn't joking either.  He knew everything coming up and
exactly where he had to turn around to get to where we
needed to be!  
I didn't laugh - much.  When we got back,
walking toward the doors were
Brian O and Kat, as well as
Aurelia and Remi.  The six of us went downstairs to find a
VERY full house patiently waiting.  The house was so full that
we had to drag chairs out of a small TV room in the back -
we used not only all of the 32 available chairs, but the 8
from the back room, a rolling desk chair (
Bill swiped to play
on!) and
Steve H and I were standing!!

Ken Gale started his what turned out to be a 2 and a half
hour presentation, with the "usual how I got into this
business introduction". He provided fascinating tidbits,
gossip and history.  He discussed the ban on comics in the
50's and hearings about how immoral comics were.  He
talked about the drought of "good" comics in the 80's and
that was his inspiration to do something about it.  The
timeline he presented was informative and had many
members nodding their heads in agreement.  He was also
very funny - the man had a sense of humor and used it.  One
such moment - he proudly told us how interviewers got
angry Harlan Ellison, or irate Harlan, but he got SAD Harlan!  
It was easy to see how he became so popular both on air
and in the comic business.   He then showed us his DVD with
the disclaimer, "I hate the music and had nothing to do with
it."  The DVD included interviews, out-takes, etc. from his
radio show "Nuf said".

Steve pointed out, Ken went through the various artists,
editors, inkers, etc. he worked with (Alexei Kondratiev, Ed
Menje and many others).  He told us who to avoid and never
work with.  He offered suggestions to those who may be
thinking about entering the field.  He told us never get into
comics for what they're worth - it's about what it's worth to
you.  He talked about different forms of art, how to practice
drawing and what books would be beneficial.  He said he
didn't have favorites and would name hundreds if asked.  He
discussed the frustration of raising over $10,000 in less than
three weeks for the radio station and still getting cancelled
because of politics.  
Mr. Gale has strong feelings about the
innate "wrongness" of those who abuse power and do only
what is right for them.  He points out - and the whole room
agreed - that with power comes responsibility.  To abuse
that responsibility/power is wrong.  His show was cancelled
because "someone" (Bernard White) didn't like comics.  It
didn't matter that the public had spoken, that he had raised
more money than any other show, and that this was a
personal bias - the man with the power did what was what
he wanted to do - no explanation!   Wrong!  The whole time
he frantically waves his arms and makes disgusted facial
expressions - he's very dynamic as a speaker.  He warned
us of the politics involved with radio and how sad it is.

We took a short break, went touring the mall with laughable
hijinks, and had a lot of fun.  
Sandy Schlosser joined me and
group of intrepid curiosity seekers to explore the bottom
floor.  Her next 10 books could come from this one night
alone!  We laughed our way through the Village Mall peeking
into empty rooms, scaring the heck out of each other and
creating stories as to what happened.  We then moved
down the hall the find freaky holes in the walls and a set of
steel doors with a padlock - the doors also had what looked
like bullet holes.  We looked through them - ok, I didn't
because I wasn't tall enough to reach.  I had to try to look
under the doors.  What was back there?  
Bill took a picture
through the holes, but, alas, no clear image.  He jokingly
said there was an eye looking back - we left him there!  At
this point, it was getting late and a few members headed
home.  We went back for the rest of
Mr. Gale's presentation.

Ken talked about a few other things and opened the floor to
questions.  He was floored by not only the amount of
questions, but also the quality of the questions.  One in
particular was
Remi's question about killing off characters
only to bring them back, like Superman, but then added the
caveat of "would you have done that?"  
Ken's "oh, that's a
goooood one," was too funny.  
Bill and I were in the back of
the room at this point, when we heard three distinct taps on
the door.  I assumed it was a member who couldn't get out
of the mall and was coming back.  When
Bill and I went to go
look – no one was there.  I am very serious.  Trust me when
I tell you 1) there is no place to hide in the hall to the right
and 2) if you go to the left, you'd have to run pretty darn
fast to get there so we would've heard something.  We
looked askance at each other, locked the door and went
back.  At 10:20 the museum volunteer returned (she had to
make sure nothing was broken, missing, and lock up).  As
the presentation was still in full swing,
I stood in the main
gallery with her, as did
Bill, and chatted. All of the sudden we
heard a crash from the kitchen area.  I looked at
she looked at me and at the same time said, "you heard
that?!"  The three of us went back to investigate although
every one of my horror-movie-watching-senses was saying,
"NO, do not go back there - run!"  We found nothing out of
place and all doors locked back there.  Creepy. I asked if
stuff like that happened often and the response was, "well, I
avoid being here alone if I can." Hmm.

Mr. Gale begrudgingly finished up a little after 10:30.  
People went back up to buy more of the items he provided.  
Clean up began complete with a fun "chair brigade".  A quick
check found all in order and we headed off to the Surburban
Diner for more fun.  This is when
Bill and I had chills run up
our spines!  As we stood in the lobby waiting for seats,
walked up and asked us "who the heck was that tapping
on the windows trying to get in?"  Creeeeepy!  We were
joined at the diner by
Liz M and her friend Hannah.  It's a
good thing
Sam (host at the diner) likes us and turned a
blind eye to
Brian K swiping, moving and adding a table to
our group.  Topics of conversation at the diner ranged from
Spider-Man 3, Hot Fuzz, a giant bosom rampaging through
the countryside (thanks Woody Allen), music, art, OATMEAL &
Brian's "youth group" days and more.  We left the diner
after 2am to only continue talking in the parking lot.  
Sandy into a puddle!  Brian showed us his armor that
he made himself - then
Brian and Steve H made like
hooligans and sparred.  I behaved.  An awesome location,
awesome guest (who wants to come back - they all want to
come back!!), and fantastic night.  Thanks to all who helped
with set-up, clean up, and everything in between.  Please
join us next month for best-selling author
Jack Ketchum.