Errol Martins
July 14, 2007
About Errol Martins is the author of new release Pell
.  "Ever wonder what's on the moon? It's Errol
Martins, with about a thousand writing pads, crates of pens,
and a lunar lander specially built to brew coffee. The story of
Pell Provance has long spread beyond this plane of
existence and has yet to reach this world. With a name like
Pell Provance, it's already a story unlike any other." This
book has been described as "a mathematical equation: Real
world + Errol Martins' imagination x coffee divided by the
bistro atmosphere =
Pell Provance."
Post Meeting Write-up

A very nice turn out showed up for this month's SFSNNJ
general meeting,
Face The Fiction, featuring Errol Martins. At
8:00 pm I made a few announcements regarding upcoming
events including the 1st Anniversary celebration at the Iron
Horse Restaurant in Westwood on the 28th of July, then I
Errol Martins, who opened by saying that hadn't
done any public speaking since he was in seminary. He
talked about having created "Napkin Art" in the mid-1980's
(one of his pieces was the Wall of Jerusalem) before getting
sick of it and giving it up for writing. He had been an
Industrial Artist earlier in his career and stated that he felt
art in general is fleeting and has no permanent stature,
whereas books will last forever. He also believed that life
was filled with movements that caught people up in
excitement, but ultimately failed to do any lasting good in
the world, except make money for their creators, "So you
might as well be as evil as you can". He read some excerpts
from the book
Pell Provance and talked about the
character, saying that he destroys everything he touches
(corporations, institutions, etc.).  Women love him & men
fear him.

He said the character, Pell Provance, can be different ages at
different times (e.g. he's five years old at one point, then
he's thirteen).  When he reaches the age of twenty-eight he
will leave the world he's on and go to the next one. But
things change when comes to Agrimore, meets Greta (his
betrothed) and meets Cerberus(a demon who's been
feeding him the evil). Errol Martins also mentioned that he
created new terms for things, such as Kungerods for
wizards, just to be different. He only had three copies of his
book to sell & sign (Remy practically jumped over the chairs
to get one) but said there was ordering info online. Many
questions were asked but he was finished by 9:30 p.m. due
to other commitments. So,  the rest of us milled around the
store until 10:00 p.m. where we continued the merriment
over food & drinks at the Suburban Diner. Next month our
guest speaker will be Fantasy author
Sarah Beth Durst,
who will talk about
Into The Wild, a story based on “real-life
events”. See Y'all then!!!

P.S. SPECIAL THANKS to Ann-Marie & Josephine Brown for
driving me home last night!!! The Gold Standard flows from
the top!!!

It should be mentioned that Mr. Martin's friend that drove
him had a previous commitment we were made aware of
beforehand and he had to have things wrapped up by 9:30.  
This actually worked out very well as it allowed Christi to
interview the members for her documentary (which is why
Todd invited her for this particular meeting - we knew the
time would be built in).  Todd had mentioned in a previous
post that we would have someone at the meeting recording
and working on a documentary.  That said, the earlier wrap-
up time allowed Christi to sit with members, tape the
interviews, record notes and not have to rush.  Things
worked out very well.  She was even able to get footage of
Brian's armor.  Brian and Ana had very thoughtfully provided
tons of pictures.  We all milled around, shopped and waited
for our turns.  Of course, free time in the group means
"harass Ann-Marie time" - I'm taking names people, I'm
taking names.  It should also be noted that some people
arrived later in the evening and took seats during the
presentation and left when
Mr. Martins finished - they
thought the meeting was over (or were hiding from the
camera - sshhh, I did).

Mr. Martins thoroughly enjoyed giving us a glimpse inside
his dark mind.  Following Errol Martins engaging presentation
- he had some very interesting insights and ideas about
things - we set up around the same table for Christi to begin
her work.  During Errol Martins' presentation, he not only
Pell Provance, his current release, but several
upcoming releases.  In fact, a sequel to
Pell Provance is
due in a few months.  He talked about the concepts of the
upcoming books (he will NOT be doing the illustrations! - lol),
the writing process for him (a place mat & 4 napkins was the
start of
Pell Provance) and his own perceptions on various
philosophies.  He entertained us with his "horrible typing"
story and then opened up for questions.  He was very
impressed with the variety and intelligence of the asked
posed to him.  He also asked if he could come back when the
sequel to
Pell Provance hits the shelves so he could fill up
the allotted time!  He enjoyed the group tremendously and
hoped to make it to Iron Horse to continue talking with the
members!  very nice.

We then waited while people interviewed and answered
questions for the documentary.  After this, we headed over
to Suburban Diner where we were joined by Christi (who
continued to be greatly amused by the antics of SOME
people - not me though!).  We were also joined by Moira
who said "I love seeing you guys."

Next month our guest speaker is
Sarah Beth Durst, a
fantasy writer.  Her book,
Into the Wild, is based on
childhood flights of fancy.