S.E. Schlosser
December 8, 2007
About S.E. Schlosser

S.E. Schlosser will once again entertain us with the stories
she has collected including those from her latest book
Spooky Campfire Tales.  S.E. Schlosser is the author of the
Spooky series by Globe Pequot Press, which includes
Spooky New England, Spooky South, Spooky Southwest,
Spooky New York, Spooky California, Spooky New Jersey
Spooky Pennsylvania. She has been telling stories
since she was a child, when games of "let's pretend" quickly
built themselves into full-length tales acted out with friends.
A graduate of both Houghton College and the Institute of
Children's Literature, Sandy received her MLS from Rutgers
University while working as a full-time music teacher and a
freelance author.

Sandy currently works as a Manager of Special Applications
for Consumer Reports Magazine, where she oversees
product strategy; manages user interface issues; directs
changes to the information architecture of
ConsumerReports.org; and helps coordinate marketing
Sandy is the webmaster and writer of an award-winning,
internationally-known web site called
American Folklore
that features retellings of folktales from each state. This site
was created as part of a graduate study at Rutgers the
State University of New Jersey in October 1997 and is used
daily by teachers throughout the world in lesson plans for
students of all levels. Stories from the site have also been
used in college text books and in Masters level programs.
Post Meeting Write-up

Our December Face the Fiction was a great time and guest
Sandy Schlosser was amazing.

Before I recap some of the moments not mentioned in
Steve's very nicely done recap, I have to thank all of the
people who attended and helped make the night a success.  
Every one who walked in the door had something to
contribute, whether it was food/drinks, books, DVDs, gifts,
these people came ready for festive!  A very special thanks
Aubrey - without him the night could not have been the
fantastic night it was.  He stepped up to not only help me
out with the food but remembered the sternos, designed
and decorated the room complete with streamers (risking life
and limb on those chairs), made centerpieces from scratch,
brought a PA System so
Sandy and the readers had a
microphone, saved the day with an extra-long extension
cord, helped serve the food - basically, what didn't he do!  A
heartfelt thank you Aubrey.  Thanks to
Steve and Jim for the
great snacks.  Thanks to them,
Remi is now addicted to
"blue" potato chips - lol.  Thanks to
Bill for the very generous
contribution of drinks.  Thanks to
Liz B for the awesome fruit
tray.  Thanks to
Taras for the delicious chocolate cookies.  
Thanks to
Aurelia & Adeena for the tasty pasta salad (and the
beautiful handmade shawl).  Thanks to
Dean & Madeleine for
the one bite cupcakes.  Thanks to
Paul for the cheese and
crackers.  Thanks to
Chris for the plethora of donuts.  We
had way more than we needed!  And a very special thank
you to you all for simply being there - it made it the best gift

Thanks for all of the generous contributions for the
book/movie swap.  
Steve, Jim, Bill, Taras, Chris, Jo and I were
all able to get rid of much stuff.  I even had bags ready for
the takers.  Thanks takers!

Now for the recap - our night started when several of us
arrived early to set up and decorate.  
Aubrey and I made like
Martha Stewart while
Sandy and Jo tested the DVD and
projector.  As people drifted in, they grabbed some snacks,
found a seat and enjoyed pleasant conversation and
checked out the freebies available for taking.  When
arrived, with
Mom in tow, we sat down to a delicious variety
of foods.  Wraps, fried rice, egg rolls, chicken wings, pasta
salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, pickles,
pepperoni/cheese tray and more!  You couldn't make just
one trip - the table beckoned you with its sirens song.

When we finished the dinner portion of the night, we went
downstairs to view the DVD of
Sandy being interviewed for
the WB show
Supernatural.  Being an expert on folklore,
Sandy was asked by the writers of the show to consult with
them on several episodes (one about an evil clown - my
personal nightmare!!  I hate clowns!  One about the
crossroads legend/Robert Johnson, and one about tricksters
- a very funny
Supernatural episode).  We viewed the clips
then moved back upstairs where
Sandy and several
"volunteers" did readings from
Sandy's newest books.  
Gene's reading of a trapeze artist seeing the ghost of his
murder victim was quite good.  
Todd's dramatic reading of
"ONE MORE HEAD" in the voice of the Miner 49er was too
Sandy scared the heck out of us with the creepy
Jack-O-Lantern story.  
Dean apparently took his story to a
whole new level and decided comedy was good.  His "but I
love you" in the simpering voice had
Sandy saying, "I don't
recall this being a comedy."  He then tried to share the knife
Bill gave him with Sandy, but she wouldn't take it.  So,
instead, he gave it to me.  
Aubrey thought better of this,
much to
Barry's pleasure (don't think I didn't see that
relieved Thank You,
Barry - lol).  Madeleine read a great story
about the Salem witch trials.  
Sandy finished up with an
"uplifting" (
Chris style) Christmas story about Der Belznickel -
better be good boys and girls.

We enjoyed all sorts of yummy snacks and coffee while
listening to the stories being read.  We started cleaning up
and putting things back - everyone pitched in,but no one
wanted to leave, so we continued the night (at almost
midnight!) at a diner.  We were very dirty stay outs but we
had an awful lot of fun.  I am so thankful to all of you who
chose to share your holiday with us - you made it very
special.  We still have Suspense Central on Monday, 12/10,
8:00pm at Panera's on Rt. 4 and the Special Activity dinner
on 12/19 at 7pm.  Hope to see you all then too.