Keith R.A. DeCandido
January 12, 2008
Post Meeting Write-up

Face the Fiction started the year off by setting the bar high.  
Guest speaker,
Keith R.A. DeCandido (that's Robert
Andreassi for the unknowing disenfranchised - lol) was
entertaining, "effulgent" (a nod to a
Buffy character, Spike,
who used the word in a poem and was mocked - Spike is the
main character of
Mr. DeCandido's book Blackout) and quite

The evening began with
Steve S corralling us into some
semblance of submission and giving the rundown of any
news needing to be mentioned.  He then introduced our
Keith R.A. DeCandido - we should have known we
were in for it when he said he was a Bronx boy!  
Keith is an
International best-selling author of over thirty novels, most
of them media tie-ins.  His work has appeared in the worlds
Star Trek.   Keith has written novels, novellas, comic
books, short stories, and eBooks, and edited several
anthologies (
Corps of Engineers eBook series).  Keith edits
the monthly
Star Trek eBook line.  He has also written in the
worlds of
Blizzard Games, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Doctor Who, Farscape, Gene Roddenberry' s Andromeda,
Marvel Comics, Young Hercules, Supernatural, Resident
and many more.  He started off by telling us he always
lets the audience guide the presentation.  He immediately
opened the floor to questions and we were off.  He
answered each and every question fired at him for well over
an hour before we took pity and begrudgingly gave him a
break, kinda, we bought the books (you know I got my copy
Nevermore the Supernatural tie-in) and had him sign
them, then gave him a few seconds to breath before making
him entertain us again (what!  we gave him bottled water
and only cracked the whip once).  

Mr. DeCandido discussed everything from the titles he gets
to work on, pitching ideas to publishers, the politics of
publishing, why writing fast is a boon when writing tie-ins,
his favorite books to work on, upcoming titles, comics,
authors he reads in his spare five minutes, TV shows he likes
(smart man, he likes
Supernatural and The Shield.  Not so
Flash Gordon - his "yeah, I've been watching Flash
.  It's gotten better, that's not to say it's good, it's
just gotten better."  followed by "when will they realize Eric
Johnson can't actually act?" had the audience nodding in
agreement and feeling bad that he's watching it!!), outlines,
plots,  "foofy" crews, yes, "foofy", and killing off the red
shirts.  His
Star Trek work garnered much attention, as did
Spiderman work (do not get him going on the "new"
direction of
Spiderman - he is not a fan of erasing Mary Jane
and the whole marriage thing and offered this bonmot:  
"she's saved his life how many times?  so, if the marriage
never happened in this deal with the devil, as soon as it's
Spiderman dies without Mary Jane there to save
him).  His reason for setting his
Supernatural book in NYC
(because it's not Vancouver - you had to be there) led to a
fun aside of realism in writing and Capt. Kirk.  

Mr. DeCandido kept us laughing and interested for three
hours!  This has to be a record.  We never ran out of
questions and he never ran out of answers.  Before
wrapping up,
Keith let us know about his upcoming work (a
complete list will be posted this week, until then, here's a
few of the titles to be looking out for):  
Star Trek:  Klingon
Empire - A Burning House
(within the next couple of
weeks), March -
Enterprise/Slings and Arrows Book 6:
Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment
, May - CSI:  Four
, September - Supernatural: Bone Key, and he edited
Dr. Who Anthology coming in the spring, Quality of
.  A busy man indeed.

We had about 5 minutes to get out of the store before they
locked us in for the night, so we got out of Dodge and
headed to the Suburban Diner.  As you can imagine, the dirty
stay- outs were at it again which is why I'm up and writing
this at this ungodly hour (sanctuary, some kind soul provide
me sanctuary)!  Our guest joined us at the diner and may
even be joining us later this month at Modern Masters for his
Blackout.  Guess he had a good time.  Conversation
at the diner was, as usual, diverse and engaging - I swear it
was not my fault that
Mr. DeCandido's shake almost flew
across the room, all I did was mention Baby Huey.  
tried in vain to convert Keith into an Abba fan.  
Taras had an
interesting "guest",
Paul had a fun new toy, Bill tried to run
under a truck, new member
"the other" Bill took it all in - he
must be hearty, he attended the meeting and still ventured
out to the diner with us,
Thomas Purdy was up to no good,
Mike held center stage and I behaved.  I am going to go
start reading my new book,
Nevermore now.  Then, maybe,
if I'm lucky, sleep.  Join us next month when we welcome
Jonathan Maberry.

PS - Keith, Jo and Chris - thanks for the seat!
About Keith R. A. DeCandido

Keith R. A. DeCandido (born April 18, 1969 in New York,
United States) is an American sci-fi and fantasy writer.
DeCandido was born in the Bronx in New York City, the son
of Robert L. DeCandido and GraceAnne A. DeCandido. He
claims to have been a
Star Trek fan even before his birth, as
his parents were fans of
Star Trek: The Original Series. While
DeCandido is best known for his
Star Trek fiction, he has
written tie-ins for other popular sci-fi and fantasy series as
well, such as
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who,
Supernatural, Andromeda and Farscape, as well as comic
books (
Spider-Man) and videogames (World of Warcraft,
Starcraft, Command & Conquer). He has also edited
various anthologies, including
OtherWere, Urban
, Imaginings, Doctor Who: Short Trips: The
Quality of Leadership
, and the Star Trek anthologies New
Frontier: No Limits, Tales of the Dominion War
, and Tales
from the Captain's Table
.  In his college years, DeCandido
worked as the editor of the college newspaper, called simply
the paper. After graduation, he has worked as editor in
several publishing companies. He founded his own company,
Albé-Shiloh inc., in May 1998. Along with John Drew, in the
1990s he co-produced a public access TV show about
science fiction called
The Chronic Rift, which he also
co-hosted.  DeCandido is also a professional musician. He
was part of the
Don't Quit Your Day Job Players for the
band's entire career from 1996-2000, and played on both
their CDs. He is currently a member of the
Boogie Knights.