May Pang
June 14, 2008
About May Pang

A native of New York's Spanish Harlem, May Pang grew up
with music all around her. From street-corner "do-wop"
groups like Dion & The Belmonts -- to the British Invasion of
1964, rock n' roll became May's passion. It was no surprise
that when she left college in 1970, she was determined to
land a job in the music world.

Only a New York girl would try to start at the top, so she
marched into the New York offices of the Beatles'
management company, ABKCO Industries, and a career in
music was born.

"While I was working at ABKCO, John and Yoko decided to
move to New York City...and chose me to be their personal
assistant. It was excitement beyond belief! Not only did I
have a key role in the records and films of John and Yoko,
but I was meeting everyone I'd read about in fanzines since
I was a kid."

As exciting as this was, little did she know what fate had in
store... "One day in June 1973, Yoko approached me in my
office at the Dakota. She explained that she and John
needed a break from each other -- which was obvious to
everyone around them. She also decided that I would be his
'companion' -- effective immediately. By now, nothing could
really come as a shock in the zany world of John and Yoko.
But this...this was beyond the pale, even for them."

So began an 18-month relationship that has become known
misleadingly as "Lennon's Lost Weekend." During this
period, John was actually the most productive and successful
in his post-Beatles career. He achieved his first #1 single,
"Whatever Gets You Thru The Night", his first #1 album,
Walls And Bridges, and was on the forefront of celebrity
collaborations working with Elton John, David Bowie, Harry
Nilsson and Ringo Starr. During their relationship, May
continued as John's production assistant & coordinator at
John's request. Her efforts were rewarded with an RIAA Gold
Record Award for
Walls And Bridges.

In February of 1975, John and Yoko were reunited, so May
began the next phase of her life. She worked for Island
Records, and coordinated the release of albums by Bob
Marley and The Wailers, Robert Palmer and Third World.  She
then switched to United Artists Music, where she worked
with unknown songwriters successfully having their songs
recorded by Diana Ross, Four Tops, Air Supply and Judas

After John Lennon's tragic death in 1980, a lot of myths and
misconceptions began surfacing about John and May's time
together. In 1983, she decided to set the record straight.
Warner Books published her memoir,
Loving John, a very
insightful look into John's world and his complex
relationships with Paul, George, Ringo, his son Julian and, of
course, Yoko.

May traveled extensively throughout the 80s, visiting Japan,
China and returning to old haunts like Los Angeles and
London. It was during one of her visits to London when she
reconnected with an old friend, producer Tony Visconti. Soon
after, they were married and had two children.

During this time, May tried her hand at acting -- and
appeared in several television shows, including
and Law and Order, in movies such as Heartburn
Fatal Attraction, and music videos for The Firm and her
old pal, David Bowie. She also has been  guest on many
shows including Howard Stern, Entertainment Tonight, Good
Morning America and the BBC.

She also managed Tony's career...but as time went on, the
pressures of the business of rock 'n roll took a toll on May
and Tony's personal life. Today, May is a full-time single mom
-- but her heart's still in rock n' roll.  Currently, she's
developing a retrospective radio program, tentatively titled
May Remembers, is putting together an exhibition of her
photos and memories of John Lennon, and has just launched
a fashion jewelry line called the May Pang Feng Shui Jewelry

Visit May's website at
Post Meeting Write-up

Our originally scheduled guest, Jerry A. Rodriguez was
unfortunately unable to meet our group this past Saturday
due to an unforeseen family emergency. Remarkably in the
11th hour, we were able to secure former John Lennon/Yoko
Ono personal assistant (and friend of mine),
May Pang.
Coincidently, tying our
That's Science Fiction! viewing of
Help! to Face The Fiction. Go us!

We will hopefully be able to reschedule
Mr. Rodriguez very

Now back to
May. I have known her on and off over the past
several years and recently reconnected with her upon the
release of her second book,
Instamatic Karma, a
photojournal of her personal and professional life with John
Lennon. Her first book,
Loving John, is May's first hand
account of her 18-month relationship with John which has
inaccurately been dubbed "the lost weekend". As a personal
favor to me,
May stepped in at the last minute to meet the
SFSNNJ, despite her busy itinerary and her on going
photographic exhibit at the
June Kelly Gallery in NYC. The
exhibit is scheduled to run June 12th-June 17th.

When she found out we were a science fiction group,
decided to begin her presentation to us by telling the story
of the UFO encounter she and John shared on the rooftop of
her NYC apartment building. They both saw an aircraft that
didn't look like anything either of them had ever seen, which
also seemed to mute all sound beneath it. She has since
found descriptions of similar sightings.

Many of our usual suspects were in attendance. Additionally,
May brought some of her own fans and friends to the event.
Every chair was in use, as well as the Borders' house PA. At
one point, I counted at least 45 people attentively listening
May's stories about John, their friendships with Ringo,
George, Harry Nilsson and others, as well as her varied
career, which never included professional photography --that
was always a hobby for her.

Copies of her book
Instamatic Karma sold out, including
the one purchased by one of the baristas at Borders, who in
a very
Todd-like move, left her post at the cafe, pushed her
way to the front of the line to get
May's autograph, and as
she walked back to work, clutched the book saying, "I got

The thunder and lightning more than the heavy rain
prevented us from taking
May to dinner at the Suburban
Diner, but she did say she take a "raincheck" (no pun
intended I'm sure!) on that.

Join us in July as we welcome guest, author
Traci Slatton.
Traci's novel, Immortal has been optioned for film by
Twinstar Entertainment