Paranormal Panel
S.E. Schlosser & The Devil Hunters
December 13, 2008
About the Paranormal Panel
Research organization, The Devil Hunters, dedicated to
discovering the truth about the Jersey Devil and its legend.
Our membership is divided into two types - regular and
associate. Regular members conduct research in every way
possible, which includes our outdoor excursions (aka
"Hunts"). Associate members are our online network of
researchers, assisting from all over the world.

Our organization was formed in 1999, after founder and
president Laura K. Leuter met co-founders Mike McLeer and
Shawn Vogel (both now retired). The first expedition into the
woods took place in May of 1999. Since the group's birth, the
teams have grown and the research fields have broadened.
The group has earned some national recognition by being
featured in several documentaries, such as TLC's
and Fox Family Channel's premiere week of
Scariest Places on Earth.

The Devil Hunters are in search of truth. Contrary to the
group's name, this is not an organization with the intentions
of capturing or killing the Jersey Devil. Instead, the
organization's goal is to answer the questions surrounding
the Jersey Devil and its legend. Our stories posted on this
website are not fabricated or exaggerated in any way;
instead, they are accurate portrayals of the events,
information, and discoveries that have been made regarding
the Jersey Devil. If we discover that the legend is nothing
more than a story told to keep children from wandering
through the Pine Barrens at night, then so be it. However, it
is our strong belief that there is more to the Jersey Devil
than a legend, and it is our intent to gather as much
information as possible to prove what really happened and
what continues to happen to this day throughout New

S.E. Schlosser is the author of the Spooky series by Globe
Southwest, Spooky New York, Spooky California,
Spooky New Jersey and Spooky Pennsylvania, Spooky
, Spooky Maryland, Spooky Canada and Spooky
Campfire Tales
. She has been telling stories since she was
a child, when games of "let's pretend" quickly built
themselves into full-length tales acted out with friends. A
graduate of both Houghton College and the Institute of
Children's Literature, Sandy received her MLS from Rutgers
University while working as a full-time music teacher and a
freelance author.

Sandy is the webmaster and writer of an award-winning,
internationally-known web site called
American Folklore
that features retellings of folktales from each state. This site
was created as part of a graduate study at Rutgers the
State University of New Jersey in October 1997 and is used
daily by teachers throughout the world in lesson plans for
students of all levels. Stories from the site have also been
used in college text books and in Masters level programs.

Sandy spends much of her time answering questions from
visitors to the American Folklore web site. Her favorite
e-mails come from other folklore enthusiasts who delight in
practicing the old tradition of who can tell the tallest tale.

To learn more about our panelists, please visit, S.E.
Schlosser's website at and the
Jersey Devil Hunters website at
Post Meeting Write-up

Our 2008 Face the Fiction/Holiday Dinner was truly a
wonderful night.  Everything was perfect.  Fantastic food
Todd rules supreme in the kitchen), amazing guest speakers
(big thanks to the
Jersey Devil Hunters Group and Sandy
), a beautiful venue and great company all made
for a very special night.

The evening began with snacks and a variety of finger foods
set up for people to enjoy as they filtered in.  The
Book/Movie swap table was set up for people to take a look
- as
Peter (with his lovely family in tow) put it, "I'm hovering
to see what new things get put out because this stuff goes
fast."  People milled about chatting, catching up, and
enjoying the food and company.  
Nancy Denker joined us and
worked her way around the room catching up with friends
and bringing people up-to-date about her.  Two tables and a
kitchen pass-through were laden with food, beverages and
appetizers (pizza bites, cheese platter, fresh-baked bread,
salad and more).  
Thom Purdy even made it all the way from
Liz Marcus very generously went around the room
taking pictures for me while I helped out in the kitchen.  She
even had people smiling!  Also taking pictures was

Around 7p
Todd began serving homemade minestrone soup -
delicious doesn't begin to cover it.  He followed the soup
with sausage, meatballs, pasta w/ sausage, vegetarian
pasta and brasciole.  There was enough for a small army.  
We were stuffed and the food was unbelievable.  Great job
Todd and thank you.  We were also lucky enough to have  
great helper,
Carson Gutierrez, keeping things in order as
Todd and I served up the food and Bill sliced up fresh-baked

We sat enjoying a delicious meal while
The Jersey Devil
began their presentation slightly after 8p.  They
were amazing!  Not only did they provide an awesome visual
PowerPoint presentation, they also had audio clips.  
Jersey Devil Hunters
(5 in all) took turns discussing various
details about the Jersey Devil.  Topics were clear, concise
and quite interesting.  The pictures taken at an investigation
site were cool and had many audience members raising their
hands to ask questions.  The presentation was well-thought
out and a lot of fun.  

The presentation began with a history of the legend and
variations of the legend, moved through sightings,
investigations and investigation techniques.  The members
each took a turn discussing a portion of the presentation.  
They provided facts, pictures, and answers for every
questions given to them.  It was clear that they not only
knew the material, but enjoy what they do.  Their
enthusiasm made for a delightful discussion.  Thorough
answers to questions, great pictures, a combination of
fact-lore-history-humor (that poor painted kangaroo) kept us
completely entertained and interested.  The audience was
so engrossed that we couldn't wait for the end for
Barry asked whether there was a particular time
sightings took place (i.e. day vs. night, with night and dusk
having the most), and if a certain time of year had more
sightings (January and February have the most sightings -
this January is the 100th Anniversary of the first sighting).  
Peter wondered how the group sifts through 'sightings' and
handles potential hoax issues.  
Chris asked if they were
prepared for the possibility of hoaxes in January because of
the anniversary.  
Thom and Bill also had some questions.  
The group answered each question completely,  
enthusiastically and knowledgeably.

An investigation with pictures was discussed.  Several
pictures showing what appeared to be cloven hoof prints in
the snow on a roof top were displayed.  Questions flew.  
How big, what was the stride, was a cast made, what was
the distance from the trees to the roof, was the landing
heard, etc. were all answered.  They even had a huge binder
filled with details.  One of the most appealing things about
the group is the way they presented themselves.  They
admitted that many think the Jersey Devil doesn't exist and
think anyone 'looking' for it is a  
Laura Leuter made
it a point to mention that when they investigate they are
looking to confirm and will debunk when possible, and, if
when all is said and done there is no Jersey Devil, at least
they've learned a lot about Jersey history.  Very cool.  

Kate Landis presented the group one of her original drawings
of the Jersey Devil.  
Kate's Jersey Devil artwork is being used
in one of Jonathan Maberry's books and the Jersey Devil
group was also quite interested.

The Devil Hunters wrapped up, answered more questions
and we took a break for dessert and coffee.  The dessert
table outdid itself.  Donuts, cakes, fudge!, cookies,
chocolates, and a slew of tempting delights were there for
the taking complete with hot coffee (decaf and regular no
less).  We took our treats, sat down and Sandy was up next.

Sandy once again kept us on the edge of our seats with a
completely new presentation.  This year it was a PowerPoint
with pictures from the creepy places she gets to visit.  Very
nice touch which added to the chill factor.  Covered this time
was Texas.  The Alamo had its creepy side exposed and did
you know they herd cattle with big ole white pickups?  A fun
tale about a Texas Ranger and chestnuts, a mine cave-in & a
mule (giving Sandy her "schmaltz" fix), and a creepy tale
with the message that the handkerchief isn't worth going
back for!  Leave it to Sandy to scare the heck out us on a
cold, dark night.  This is why we can't wait to have her back!  
She left us with the pleasant thought that if the Jersey Devil
didn't swoop down and get us, some creepy ghost would.  
We can't get enough.  There's a reason her books sell out so

Sadly, we had to end the fun before we turned into
pumpkins.  Everyone pitched in for the cleanup.  We
continued chatting while cleaning up, reluctant to end the
night.  Truly a wonderful night.

Thank you to our fantastic guests the
Jersey Devil Hunter
and Sandy Schlosser.  Thank you to Dean
Cartier/Chris H.
for the beautiful venue.  Thank you Todd for
the food overdose that would make Bacchus envious.  Thank
Barry for the delicious coffee that kept us fueled.  Thanks
Steve S for his introduction (and the fudge - lol).  Thanks
Liz M for taking pics for me and the goodies you brought.  
Thanks to everyone who brought
food/goodies/books/movies/etc. - there are too many of you
to name individually - but please know your thoughtfulness
and generosity is always appreciated.  You all know who you
are - big THANK YOU.