From Fan to Pro & Back Again
Peter Gutiérrez & Rob Hauschild
February 14, 2009
About "From Fan to Pro...and Back Again"

How can simply watching too many movies as a fan lead to
writing about them professionally… or starting a magazine…
or a DVD label? And is there really such a big difference
between the terms “fan” and “pro” as some would have us

For probably longer than they care to admit, Rob Hauschild
and Peter Gutiérrez have been channeling their fannish
tendencies into things like journalism, writing comics, media
production, and teaching. In this slideshow-based talk, they’
ll discuss their personal genre touchstones—not as classics
deemed such by “experts” but as pop culture items that
have inspired them and, in many cases, probably you as
well. From the guilty pleasures of 42nd Street's grindhouses
in the ‘70s and ‘80s to the even guiltier pleasures of NYC’s
similarly extinct art/revival house scene, the speakers will
chart a past that remains too vital to them for its exploration
to be called nostalgic.

Rob Hauschild is a New Jersey-based writer, editor and cult
film purveyor whose genre credits include Fangoria, Total
Movie and RAMP, alongside many other mags and fanzines.
His three-part series, "Heavy Horrors" compiles a history of
heavy metal music and themes in horror movies and
currently appears in Metal Maniacs magazine. Rob also
founded and published the cult genre magazine VeX (1995-
2000), and is presently co-owner and producer for DVD label
Wild Eye, focusing on offbeat horror and cult movies. Rob can
be seen in the documentary Creature Feature: 50 Years of
the Gillman, where he serves as expert on domestic and
international movies that are knock-offs of the original
Creature from the Black Lagoon; he is also featured/
interviewed in the upcoming Outlaw Horror Geeks: The Book
and can currently be heard most Sunday nights at midnight
on New Jersey freeform radio WFMU (91.1) as a guest of
absurdist stunt radio host Professor Dum Dum. Visit Rob's
website at

Peter Gutiérrez has been a professional writer for close to
twenty years. He is probably best known for his work in
comics in the 1990's when he wrote the best-selling indie
title SHI:  THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR, eventually spending
several years under contract developing a film version that
was never produced.  The other comics characters he was
fortunate enough to write include Grifter, Daredevil, and
Witchblade. As an editor, he developed the historically-
minded SHI:  SENRYAKU mini-series, which featured art by
Jeff Smith, Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Lee among
others. In 1997, he was nominated for a Will Eisner Comic
Industry Award for creating and writing SHI:  KAIDAN, a
collection of original Japanese ghost stories on which he
collaborated with Michael Kaluta, David Mack, and Stan Sakai.

These days Peter is still involved in the world of comics and
graphic novels, focusing on their value to both literature and
literacy. Recent speaking engagements include the ’08 and ’
09 New York Comic Cons, SPLAT! (the graphic novel
symposium), the New York City School Library Fall
Conference, and Fordham University’s “Graphica in
Education” conference in late January. On May 8 he will
speak at a day-long celebration of comics and graphic novels
at the combined Massachusetts Library Association and
Massachusetts School Library Annual Conference. Much of
his work in this area is done as an advisor to Diamond Book
Distributors, to whose magazine BOOKSHELF he is a
frequent contributor. He is also the graphic novel columnist
for FOREWORD Magazine, and has written on the topic for

visit him on MySpace at
Face the Fiction welcomed speakers Peter Gutierrez and Rob
Hauschild last night (2/14/09) for a fantastic event.  Peter
and Rob's enthusiasm for their topic was infectious!  If
Starsky and Hutch, only the coolest 'buddies' to hit TV ever,
were film critics, they'd be Peter and Rob.  This was one fun
night that had the audience involved.  The night was a
fun-filled, fear-filled walk down memory lane that had us
commiserating, laughing and remembering fondly.

Peter and Rob had a great visual presentation prepared for
us.  It was fun to see people light up when they recognized
a film.  It was even more fun when Peter and Rob would
throw in 'trivia' questions - winners got cool swag.  
Competition was fierce, and some got way more swag than
others.  Next time, Barry may not raise his hand.   

The presentation, From Fan to Pro and Back Again, delved
into the beginnings of Peter and Rob's love of film - from
classic B & W horror to 70's grindhouse and beyond.  They
took turns discussing the ins and outs of their childhood,
often with very funny results.  Both Peter and Rob talked
about being taken to movies, many age inappropriate, by
their dads.  Peter talked about being terrified by certain films
and not even being able to watch the ending.  It was
hysterical to hear him recall how his father had to leave the
theater with him crying all the way up the aisle.  His,
"remember the kid who was crying and had to leave the
theater crying the whole way?  Yeah, that was me with
Theater of Blood."  Rob had a similar story with the trailer for
Suspiria.  That awful little girl brushing her hair and then
turning around to be a horrific skull.  He told us he slept in
his parent¢s bed for about a week, and couldn't watch
shampoo commercials for some time either.  Rob had many
audience members nodding in remembered fear.  Gene had
very clear memories of that very same trailer.   

The presentation was thorough, well-though out and
covered an array of films and genres.  it was amusing to
hear Rob explain his mix of horror and Disney films being
responsible for his later tastes in film.  Odd mix that many of
the audience shared growing up around same time.  Rob
also talked about going to the drive-in and spending all day
watching movies.

Peter had fond memories of the Park Hill Theater in Yonkers,
which I shared with him, as did Gene.  Shout out to Yonkers
and the twisted youth it produced ;)   

Peter and Rob provided an excellent presentation and did a
great job of taking turns and trading off as each recalled
how a certain film influenced them, scared them and
eventually shaped the fan into the pro.  It was a fascinating
journey to travel with them and a lot of fun to see how the
two turned a love of film into a professional venture.  So
many times you wonder, "how'd they get from point A to
point B?"  Peter and Rob not only told us how, but also had
us walking the path with them.  We walked from theaters to
movies and back again.   

Peter and Rob talked for well over two hours and it wasn't
enough.  Here's a look at films discussed:  Theater of Blood
(look, there goes Peter being escorted out of the movie by
his embarrassed dad), Vampyr, Beneath the Planet of the
Apes, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Shakedown,
Suspiria (no shampoo commercials, ever!), Herbie Goes to
Monte Carlo, The Sadist, The Tingler, Enter the Dragon, Evil
Dead 2, Hardboiled, Bluebeard's Ghost, The Bodyguard
(Sonny Chiba), Seven Samurai, Exterminating Angel, Spirits
of the Dead, 5 Fingers of Death, Metropolis, The Omega Man,
Kwaidan, Maniac (1934), Hour of the Wolf, I, Claudius (TV)
(this was a favorite of both Thom Purdy and Ana), The
Prisoner (TV), The Third Man, Jaws 2, Jules and Jim, Midnight
(1982), Galaxy of Terror, Dawn of the Dead, Night of the
Living Dead, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Children Shouldn't Play
with Dead Things, Nighthawks, Polyester, The Texas
Chainsaw Massacre, Sullivan's Travels.   

As the films above were shown on the screen, Peter and Rob
would toss out trivia questions.  We had lots of winners.  
Barry, the swag-stealer, took the lead.  Dean took a couple
of trips to the prize table.  Chris, Gene, Brian K, Ana, Steve
Rubin, Steve Spinosa, Kate, Todd and several others took
home prizes.    

Peter and Rob had a natural rapport with each other and the
group.  It made for a fun time.  It was getting late and the
guys wrapped things up (much to our regret).  Excellent
guests, excellent presentation and an overall great time.  A
big thanks to Peter and Rob for such a wonderful time.