Danny Birt
April 28, 2009
About Danny Birt

Danny Birt was born about twenty-seven years ago in
Washington State to Irish and Californian parents, and since
then he has lived in Idaho, California, Arizona, New Mexico,
Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii, and Virginia. He attended
New Mexico Military Institute in the small town of Roswell,
NM for his high school and junior college years, then pulled a
one-eighty and went to a liberal arts college, Loyola
University New Orleans, for his next two college degrees in
music therapy and psychology.

Danny has published science fiction, fantasy, and
professional works in The Raintown Review, Strange Worlds
of Lunacy, Vadercast.com, and Musica Ficta. His fantasy
series “The Laurian Pentology” is slated to be published
through Ancient Tomes Press, starting in early summer 2008
with the book Ending an Ending.

In addition to literary publication, Danny composes classical
and filk music, such as his nonstop hour-long piano solo,
“Narcoleptic Pianist,” and the ever-peculiar album “Warped
Children’s Songs.”

Danny also works as a Music Therapist and Massage
Therapist with clients of multiple ages and populations.

Currently, Danny lives in Winchester, Virginia, and attends
Shenandoah University in pursuit of his Music Therapy Master’
s degree. In his spare time, Danny's hobby is finding new

Visit Danny's website at
Post Event Recap

To end our very fun 'pulp' month, we gathered at the
Toddfather's local 'place of business', aka New Moon
Comics.  New Moon was being turned into a speakeasy for
the night and the entertainer was
Mr. Danny Birt.  Jo and I
arrived early to set things up and make sure no coppers
were around.  We all know if the Toddfather calls you into
the back room for a private chat, only one of you is coming
out.  He's hard-boiled.

Danny Birt was fun and diverse.  Where else can you
get a guest that sings, plays guitar, does dramatic readings
and discusses his writing - all in the same night?  

Danny Birt has published science fiction, fantasy, and
professional works in
The Raintown Review, Strange Worlds of
(flash fiction), Vadercast.com, and Musica Ficta. His
fantasy series
The Laurian Pentology is published through
Ancient Tomes Press, starting with
Ending an Ending.  He
promises it will be a pentology - no Jordan here.  In addition,
Danny composes classical and filk music (nonstop hour-long
piano solo,
Narcoleptic Pianist and Warped Children’s
).  He works as a Music Therapist - he even showed us
his guitar case covered in 'visitor' stickers as proof.

Danny started the meeting with some upbeat and fun songs
he'd written.  He had full audience participation - people
were singing and dancing in their chairs.  Of course, I was
taking names of those chair-dancers.  Toddfather thought
the kitty for the slush fund was getting low and we figured
we'd blackmail the eager participants who don't want it out
there that they can swing with the best of 'em.  

After getting the audience riled up and ready to go,
moved on to discuss his book,
Ending an Ending.  He talked
about his personal path to being published and read some
selections from the book that he felt indicative of the feel of
the book.  He mentioned he had some theater background
and it showed in his reading.  The voices he used were cool
and helped set the tone.  This was especially helpful for
those who had not yet read the book.  He left us hanging at
crucial parts.  You have to get the book to find out what

Danny gave us the titles for the entire pentology and let us
know the second book,
Beginning, was available.  He then
read some of his flash fiction which was a lot of fun.  This
Strange Worlds of Lunacy is available as well.

We took a brief break, purchased books, got them signed
and then headed back for more.  
Mr. Birt gave us a few
more readings, answered all of the questions from the
audience (and there were plenty).  
Steve R, Chuck, Ana,
Brian, Barry, Todd, Aurelia, Deena, Bill and Gene all had hands
up for questions.  Questions were asked about his writing,
his books, his inspirations, his music, his personal likes in
both reading material and music, how does music affect his
writing if at all, and many questions were asked about his
music therapy.  There was nothing we didn't find
interesting.  He was an engaging speaker and gave the
audience what they wanted.  

After the question segment, the overwhelming audience
request was for more music.  
Brian K had a request for the
Warped Children's Songs CD.  Danny opened with Mary
Had  Business Plan
.  Brian wanted the little ditty about the
asylum. Ever the eager participants, we clapped and sang
along to the warped tune set to
If Your Happy and You
Know It
.  These were not the songs from our childhood.  
Brian gleefully pointed out, "you are not a well man," to
Mr. Birt responded with as much glee, "no, I am not."  
Good time, good time.  A particular favorite was the Vatican
song that Danny performed with dancing and pantomime -
too funny.  Genuflect!

It's was about this time that
Danny Birt announced that it
was after 10p and he had a looong ride home.  We
regretfully listened to one more song for the road - a
lullaby!  Just the thing to send us off onto the road with -
lol.  A big thanks to
Danny Birt for a wonderful evening and
a wonderful time.  Great guest and great event.  If you didn't
get enough, you can visit
www.dannybirt.com for
information on
Mr. Birt.

Thanks also to
Rob for use of New Moon and having the
books on hand (at a discount too).