Michael Flynn
May 9, 2009
About Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn, sometimes published as Michael F. Flynn,
works full time as a statistician and writes science fiction as
a sideline. Nearly all of Flynn's work falls under the category
of hard science fiction, although his treatment of it can be
unusual since he has applied the rigor of hard science fiction
to "softer" sciences such as sociology in works such as In
the Country of the Blind. Much of his short fiction has
appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Visit his website
Post Event Recap

Our May Face the Fiction guest, Michael Flynn had a very
nice turnout Saturday, 5/9/09 at Borders Garden State Plaza
Mall.  Being a prize-winning bestseller,
Mr. Flynn had fans in
the seats long before his scheduled 8p presentation!  We
had to ask the store for more chairs.

Michael Flynn is an American statistician and science fiction
author.  He was also quite humorous and poked fun at
himself and fandom.  The majority of
Mr. Flynn's work falls
under the category of hard science fiction.  Much of his short
fiction has appeared in
Analog Science Fiction and Fact.  He
was shocked when only three or so hands went up when he
asked who reads
Analog.  He then promptly told those who
were not familiar with
Analog that they could not listen to the
answer - lol.

Mr. Flynn discussed his beginnings with much humor thrown
in.  He told us about his break into writing (he got into a
magazine - that he was editor of - lol).  When asked how he
would have felt if he had gotten a rejection notice, he glibly
answered, "I'd imagine not too good.  That would've been

He discussed his journey to prize-winning author by going
through his book in chronological order (I'll list his works at
the end of the recap).  He talked about each book.  He told
us what he liked or changed and how when trying to break
into writing, you'd have to learn how to edit - a lot.  He
explained the emotional links to your work and that you
have to be prepared for rejection/editing and comments.  It's
what makes your work better.

At one point,
Mr. Flynn stopped to tell us about his
granddaughter who had just won first place in a writing
contest.  He then very proudly pointed her out as she was
trying to discreetly look at manga.  She hid, but very proud
grandpa's work was done!

Mr. Flynn opened the floor up to questions and was
promptly flooded with them.  
Bill and Mr. Flynn had a nice
chat about Pennsylvania (we were told that there are
actually three PAs - Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and the rest).  
Steve Rubin, Steve's father and Paul also asked lot of
questions and came prepared with books for the author to
sign (
Paul had a huge bagful!).  Mike P had some questions
pertaining to writing.  
Mr. Flynn had an hour and half ride
home, so he wrapped up, signed books and thanked us.  We
can't thank him enough!  Thanks to
Mr. Flynn for being such
a great guest and for the awesome books he provides us.  

Big thanks to
Steve who was responsible for this guest!  

Mr. Flynn headed home while we headed off to the diner
where they were having free bread night ;)  
Chris H stole the
bread out of a poor starving individual's mouth.  
wrapped bread to keep it away from
Chris.  Jo pocketed
bread sticks, but not the broken bits of crackers.   We also
Bill showing his pictures and regaling us with his
stories.  All in all, much fun.

Short fiction (chronological order)
"Eifelheim" (1986) (nominee for Best Novella Hugo Award,
"The Forest of Time" (1987) (Hugo Best Novella nominee,
"The Adventure of the Laughing Clone" (1988)
"From the corner of the eye" Analog 113/13 (Nov 1993)
"Melodies of the heart" Analog 114/1&2 (Jan 1994 (Hugo
Best Novella nominee, 1995)
"The promise of God" F&SF 88/3 [526] (Mar 1995)
"Southern Strategy" (2002) Published in the collection,
Alternate Generals II, 2002, ed. Harry Turtledove, Baen
"The Ensorcelled ATM" (2005) Published in the anthology
The Enchanter Completed, 2005, ed. Harry Turtledove,
Baen Books
"Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth"
Asimov's Oct/Nov 2006), Hugo nomination 2007
"Quaestiones super caelo et mundo" Analog 127/7&8
(Jul/Aug 2007), Sidewise Award for Alternate History
"Sand and iron" Analog 128/7&8 (Jul/Aug 2008) : 86-100

In the Country of the Blind (1990, revised 2001)
(Prometheus Award and Compton Crook Award)
Fallen Angels (with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle) (1991)
(Prometheus Award, Seiun Award)
Firestar cycle
Rogue Star (1998)
Lodestar (2000)
Falling Stars (2001)
The Wreck of The River of Stars (2003)
Eifelheim (2006) (Hugo nomination 2007)
The January Dancer (2008)

The Nanotech Chronicles (1991)
The Forest of Time and other stories (1997)