Warren Disbrow
August 8, 2009
About SFSNNJ King Of Games/Summer Carnival

Join us on Saturday, June 13, 2009 for another SFSNNJ first!  
A day of fun, games, food and a special nighttime viewing of
the indie film
Haunted Hayride The Movie under the stars.

The fun starts @1p.  Todd will be there all day, so show up,
look around, chat with friends and have a good time (movie
will be shown at 8p).  Come by any time during the day,
stay, or arrive for the movie, either way, be there for the
fun.  Do it your way.   *snacks will be available throughout
the day.

The day will begin with a variety of games available:  gaming
tables will be set up with a variety of  games to enjoy (see
below for their descriptions).  Weather permitting, we will
set up outside to enjoy the fresh air and a carnival feel.  

At 6p, dinner will be provided - pizza and beverages!  If you
would like to bring a small dessert that would be
appreciated.  If you have a favorite beverage, feel free to
bring that also.  Rob has water and soda available for
purchase as well.

After dinner, we'll have a Q&A session with some of the
people who worked on the film and then at 8p, we will have
a very special, first-time screening of the indie film
Hayride The Movie
, drive-in style (w/o the cars, we will sit
under the stars to enjoy)! This movie was filmed at Bradley
Beach!  Written and directed by:  Warren F. Disbrow.  This
movie was the winner of the Best NJ Film at the 2009 United
States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival.  A
supernatural serial killer stalks and murders the customers
and workers at an elaborate Halloween Farm featuring an
impressive Hayride attraction.   Popcorn will be provided.

For more information about the film and filmmaker Warren F.
Disbrow, please visit his website at

Check out the games we have in store for
King Of Games

Join the fun and wreck the city with Monsterpocalypse from
Privateer Press.  Control monsters and their allies as
Martians, GUARD, Ninjas, Terrasaurs, and Lords of Cthuul
fight across city landscapes.  A good two person game with
lots of folks available to teach you how to make the most of
your monsters!

Can you spot the Cylons in the
Battlestar Galactica Board

8&enmi=Battlestar%20Galactica)?  Try to save humanity
and work with and against other players, who may be your
friends or your greatest enemies, the Cylons.

Experience the terror of
H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos
Arkham Horror
&enmi=Arkham%20Horror).  Can you solve the mystery
before it costs you your lives?

Can you survive the Killer Rabbit and the Holy Hand Grenade
of Antioch in a fast pasted game of
Monty Python Fluxx
www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Fluxx).  Fluxx is a
fun game where the rules change as people play their cards.

Slay the monster and impress your friends in a quick game of
Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games
www.worldofmunchkin.com).  This is a great fun
adventure game where cheaters always prosper and the
name of the game is self-preservation!

Save the galaxy from the Theran scourge with AT-43 from
Rackham Games (www.at-43.com) as you participate in
Operation: Damocles.

*if weather does not permit outside events, we will move
them indoors and still have the same fun, food, games and
movie.  If you have a comfy lawn chair, bring it!
Event Recap

Although the weather did not cooperate, we still had an
amazing time on Saturday, 6/13/09.  We had such a good
time that many of you requested we do more events like
this!  We heard, and are planning more.

The day started a little before 1p when
Todd arrived to find
people already waiting!  The gaming begins.  When Jo and I
arrived a little after 1p,
Todd and several others had been
playing a very fun looking zombie game (that
Todd purchased
for future fun).  Machetes, zombies and mayhem - my kind of

People started arriving throughout the day.  
Brian and Ana
showed up to game, as did
Barry, Thom, Rev. Pete, Josh,
Duckie, Joe, Vicky and Rob.  Every time you looked up,
someone else had arrived - take a look at the pics in the
slide show!

It was a lot of fun listening to what was going on at the
different tables.  I think
Barry and Brian may have been
cheating at
Lord of the Fries after having been beaten by Ana
in a previous game of
Tsuro - lol.  Todd and his rowdy crew
were making up rules for the
Order of the Sticks game as
they went along.  As
Josh stated, "cheat to win!"  This was a
roomful of fun people truly enjoying themselves.  They may
have been having fun playing, but I had fun watching them
'bend the rules', try to best their opponents and then laugh
about it and overall have a good time.  You haven't seen
funny until you've seen
Brian K and Barry totally dejected
because they didn't have time to get into a game of
Battlestar Galactica (Brian thought the little spaceships were
neat) because the pizza had arrived.  
Todd has promised to
plan a future gaming day with
Battlestar Galactica.

Bill went out to pick up the pizza so Todd could continue to
game and keep things in relative order, relative.  The pizza
arrived, several large Sicilians, and we dug in.  The pizza
was delicious.  We had a very nice dinner and chatted while
we ate.  We also had the pleasure of being joined by our
guests for the evening;
Warren Disbrow, Deb Taylor, Paul
, and Jared Midgen.  What a nice bunch of people
they were.  Very friendly and fit right in.

After dinner, we cleared out the room to set up for the
movie.  When all was ready we called everyone back in for
Haunted Hay Ride The Movie.  We decided to flip the Q & A
to after the movie so we'd have more questions.  This movie
was fast-paced, gory and will make you rethink hayrides in
the fall.  Those innocent pumpkin patches - not so innocent

Haunted Hay Ride The Movie hit the ground running and
did not slow down.  As
Todd said, "what was the total body
count?  I lost track."  Twisted guy in freaky mask uses
various weapons in some inventive ways on pretty much
anyone he comes across.  We were having fun telling the
actors to run, hide, fight back, all the while knowing they
couldn't hear us.  We also had our favorite actors - Iggy the
Iguana and Mr. Brock (owner of the doomed hayride).  It
was great having the makers of the movie in the room - it
must have been fun for them.  They knew who was gonna
get it and who wasn't; while we had to sit and shout things
like, "I hope the car breaks down."  "Run."  The funniest was
Ana unleashing her inner survivalist.  Ana, the sweetest
person, yelling out, "kick him, get a stick, don't just sit there"
was hilarious.

Also funny was
Rob's frustration that a character he did not
like, did not get the comeuppance he felt was fitting.  I can't
say anymore or I'll spoil it.

Other notables were the room's shouts of "Iggy, Iggy" - you
had to be there.  
Brian S's wondering where the guy asking
for directions came from, while
Brian K had issues with the
acid, yes, acid.

After the screening we had our Q & A.  Our four guests,
Producer/Writer/Director Warren Disbrow, Still
photogapher & Make up artist Deb Taylor
, Slay Ride
principal actor Paul Kellogg
and Production assistant
Jared Midgen
, answered all of our questions.  Mr. Disbrow
took the time to explain how scenes were filmed, the writing
and where his inspirations came from.  He likes classics
horror movies as well as current movies.  He listed favorites,
and talked about his upcoming movie
Haunted Slayride.  
One of the room's favorite characters, Mr. Brock, was played
Mr. Disbrow's father.  Bill asked, "how could you do that
to your dad?"  Without missing a beat,
Mr. Disbrow
responded, "Well, he gets sewn up in the next one."  This is
the kind of night it was.

Mike P enjoyed the movie more than Halloween and told Mr.

Our guests were friendly, open and responded to our
queries for close to an hour and they had a long ride home.  
Several of us purchased the movie that they happily signed.  
We will be looking for the entire back of
Jared's head in the
Slay Ride movie - so far it's intact, but there's still
4 weeks of filming ;)

We cleaned up and a group continued the night at a diner.

Extremely fun event that we will have more of.  Thanks to all
who came out to make this event the fun time it was.  
Thanks also to our wonderful guests,
Warren Disbrow, Deb
, Paul Kellogg and Jared Midgen.  Big thanks to Rob
Vicky for everything.