Joey Madia
July 11, 2009
About Joey Madia

Joey Madia is an actor-educator, playwright and poet whose
work and life are one with the worlds of shadow, shaman,
form and flight. This work is dedicated to his shining Muse,
Tonya, to Joseph Campbell, and to Crow. He is editor of Joey is also the author of the novel
Event Recap

This was one great night, the food was spectacular, the
guest was great and we all had a great time so much so,
that we were still chatting at closing time and stood in the
rain for a bit to continue talking! The evening started off with
a lovely spread of food for us to enjoy. Our guest,
, author of Jester-Knight, arrived with Dan Cooley,
Director of Media & Special Projects for New Mystics
Enterprises, Inc. Group members introduced themselves and
enjoyed chatting with our guests. Food was placed out; we
lined up, filled our plates and sat down for a wonderful meal.
We all moved around from table to table talking with
everyone at other tables. At 9:30
Steve S noticed the time
and quickly told
Todd. Oops! We were all having such a great
time talking that we lost track of time. In fact, one of the
things that we were talking about with our guests,
Joey and
Dan, was the movie Haunted Hayride! Not kidding. In fact,
several of the cast members were friends of our guests and
had studied film/acting with them. How's that for not only a
cool coincidence, but also awesome follow-up! We had much
fun discussing the actors, different scenes and other various
topics that we forgot
Joey was supposed to speak to the
group! We shifted seats and gave our guest the floor.
is an actor-educator, playwright and poet in addition
to author. He is editor of New
Mystics is an online Arts community founded in 2002 by
as a way to promote the work of a group of cutting
edge writers and artists active in the Small and Independent
Mr. Madia spoke about his start and how it was a 22-
year labor love for
Jester-Knight. The six books that make
up the
Ambir Dragon Tales began in 1988 as a series of
metaphorical poems written while
Mr. Madia was in college.
"I have always seen myself as having a dual personality and
this became the starting point for the main character in the
first book, Alde (later called Aldemere) who is born the son of
a Jester and later becomes a Jester-Knight. In creating the
Kingdom of Glittereye and the world of which it is a part
(called Mynoweth) I have been able to bring together all my
varied interests. The books begin as a series of poems, and
draw heavily on ancient and medieval history and the study
of different religions/spiritual systems for the minute details I
use to create a three-dimensional world of different races
and edgy politics. The creation of a new mythology for
Jesters, for the dragons of the world, and for many of the
traditional fantasy and totally original races has been a
terrific journey."
Mr. Madia wove facts with funny asides
while presenting to the group assemble. One of our favorites
that became the running gag of the evening was, "and my
name comes out of the dragons mouth!" This was one fun
guest who was entertaining, humble and a lot of fun.
talked to us about the process of writing, his personal
journey and his other interests such as playwriting. He
spoke at length about the creation of his worlds and
character development. He gave insight into editors,
rejection letters and knowing your work. He gave helpful
suggestions for the aspiring writers present and kept the
non-writers entertained as well. When
Mr. Madia finished,
he opened the floor to questions.
Mike P and BJ quickly
started firing off questions.
Joey answered each question at
length and made sure people were satisfied with their
Deena, Thom, Todd, Steve S and a few others
followed. We were very interested in hearing about the
Joey writes. Deena was particularly interested in the
social awareness plays for teens.
Mr. Madia is very busy!
Books, plays, teaching, his current book tour, and editor –
he wears many hats. He was engaging, informative and fun.
He wrapped up, signed books (yeah,
Todd beat everyone up
to the front of the line) and thanked us for a great time! He
thanked us! What a nice guy. Big thanks to
Joey and Dan
for joining us at Iron Horse (beware the palm tree
Much success to two very nice guys who deserve it. *Thanks
also to all of our friends who joined us for this special night.