Bookview Cafe Panel
Laura-Anne Gilman, Sue Lange, Susan Wright
November 14, 2009
About Book View Cafe

Book View Cafe is a consortium of over twenty professional
authors with extensive publishing credits in the print world.
Every day, new content available nowhere else will be
served up on Book View Cafe: short stories, flash fiction,
poetry, episodes of serialized novels, and maybe even a
podcast now and then.

Book View Cafe is a new approach to publishing made
possible by the Internet. Book View authors write in a
variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, romance,
horror and mystery. We are pleased to make our work
directly available to you.

Authors who will be participating in the panel are: Sue
Lange, Laura Anne-Gilman, and Susan Wright.

Find out more about Book View Cafe at

Last night the SFSNNJ introduced three authors representing
Book View Cafe at our monthly Face The Fiction series:
Laura Anne Gilman (Staying Dead, Blood from Stone,
Flesh and Fire), Susan Wright (A Pound of Flesh) & Sue
(Uncategorized-The ABD and Other Tales).

After my introduction of the trio,
Sue started the discussion
by admitting that she had forgotten to bring her books with
her, but made up for it by bringing various handouts that
listed the authors in the collective (most notably famed
authoresses Vonda N. McIntyre & Christie Golden, as
well as legendary fantasy authoress Ursula K. LeGuin) as
well as advertising their newest short story anthologies
Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls (which features the work of
Steven Piziks -- the first male in what had been an almost
exclusively female collective) &
The Shadow Conspiracy:
Tales of the Steam Age
(which Laura had edited and was
their first foray into steampunk stories)along with her own
anthology (mentioned in the paragraph above).

Sue then stated that one of the goals was to provide a
forum for authors to present their work in the new electronic
formats that are out there now (and make them accessible
to the public at low prices) as well as bringing back older
works from authors that have fallen out of print.
Laura Anne
added that it wasn't necessarily true in her case (knock on
wood) but
Susan Wright said that in her case the first
* of her trilogy HAD fallen out of print even though it
sold well (mainly because the imprint under which the first
volume was published had gone out of business-this had
Master "Topher"). They all agreed that the intent of
Book View Cafe was not to put traditional publishing out of
business,but to supplement it.

After a few more questions and answers each of the authors
read a sample from their works.
Laura Anne read from Flesh
and Fire
a horror story. Susan W. read from her
soon-to-be-released novel
Confessions of a Demon an
urban fantasy about a vampiress who feeds on her victims'
emotions (and not just their blood). Both
Susan W. & Laura
that in urban fantasies you can use real locations (as long as
the businesses don't actually exist there).
Sue Lange closed
out the meeting by reading her science-fiction satire
. They graciously signed some of their books while the
rest of us began clean-up.
Laura Anne
joined most of us at the diner to hear Master Bill's
movie anecdotes (except for poor
Josephine, who was roped
into helping out at the Borders in Ramsey,even though it
was her night off!!! -- leaving poor
AM stuck because Jo was
her ride home!!!)

All in all a good meeting.
Bookview Cafe is definitely worth
checking out.

*You can read the entire text of Susan Wright's book Slave
Trade at Book View Cafe.