Event Recap

For the fourth consecutive year The SFSNNJ capped off the
Face The Fiction series with our annual Holiday Dinner &
Panel Discussion, this year's topic being the Sights & Sounds
of SF. Dean Cartier opened the doors for us at 6:10 p.m. so
that Ann-Marie & others could bring in the food and items for
the swap table, while "Santa" Bill W. brought in & set up the
drinks. Our Dinner hour was enlivened by the presence of
our surprise guests, Master Chris Trimarchi (a gaming friend
of Master Todd & Field Ops Director for Americans For
Prosperity-NJ, the group I work for) who bought the
legendary Mayor Steve Lonegan of Bogota (the senior policy
advisor for AFP-NJ & my friend) with him. The food available
included eggplant, ziti, meatballs, rice & potatoes, as well as
salad & a cheese & crackers platter. A little after 8:00 p.m.
Master Todd started the discussion proper by introducing the
Sounds representatives first: Larry Weiner & Angelo Panetta
from the Radio Repertory Company of America, and old friend
Tony Tellado, who hosts the Sci-Fi Talk radio show. Larry &
Angelo talked about how they submitted their first
production series, Garson Krebs Private Eye (which
resembled an old fashioned radio drama) to NPR Playhouse.
Unfortunately NPR Playhouse was dropped from the
airwaves shortly thereafter. Larry said their next series was
The Stealer of Souls featuring Katey
Segal from Married With Children ("and Futurama" cried Big
Gene) followed by their first foray into science fiction, Flight
of the Bumble Bee with Marina Sirtis from TNG in the lead
role. The success of these drama series led to the Anne
Manx drama with Claudia Christian from Babylon 5 as Anne
(All these series can be purchased as CD's at their website,
www.rrca.com ). Angelo talked a little about the production
end of it (Larry writes the scripts & Angelo writes the music
score & handles the sound effects) and played an excerpt
from one of their programs. Tony Tellado talked about his Sci-
Fi Talk show and how it has evolved into a podcast (along
with how shorter interviews work better than longer ones).
Illustrators Mike Schneider (who put together the
reanimated version of Night of the Living Dead [the original
being one of Mr.Lonegan's favorites BTW] & Dorian Bachman
were up next and they talked about the steampunk series
they were working on (they also had on display some of
their artwork)& J.M. DeSantis discussed his involvement with
the Planet Lovecraft magazine. One of the highlights of the
Question & Answer period was the panel's discussion of the
future for their respective works. Mike S. boldly stated that
Mass Media as we knew it in the
20th Century is dead, having been killed off by the Internet.
Tony agreed, saying that the networks will always exist
because of real-time coverage of news & sporting events,
but that entertainment will be almost completely controlled
by the Internet without the restraints of commercial
considerations. Both Larry & Angelo argued that artists were
more creative under those restraints then they are now.
Larry envisioned a future where each person had his own
channel & created his own content. Afterwards everybody
relaxed with coffee & dessert until clean up began. By 11:30
many of us were out the door & headed to the Stateline
Diner to continue the evening, where Master Toper’s Xmas
film choices were again ridiculed.
About Senses of SF Panel

This month we have a special panel of SF guests with a
twist! We welcome
Larry M. Weiner and Angelo Panetta.
Guest Larry M. Weiner is the creative director and head
writer for the
Radio Repertory Company of America, a NJ
based producer of original audio drama (
Larry will discuss the ins and outs of the Radio Repertory
and sprinkle in some sound bytes of award winning science
fiction audio. Larry will be joined by audio partner, Angelo
Panetta. Also joining our panel is
Tony Tellado from SciFi
(www.scifitalk.com). SciFi Talk is a site where fans can
connect with 'Like-Minded Lovers Of SF
movies,Novels,Podcasts And TV'. Tony hosts three podcasts
on science fiction,fantasy and horror,
Sci-Fi Talk and Sci-Fi
Talk Live
, and the Best Of Sci-Fi Talk. Representing the sight
portion of our panel, we will have filmmaker
Mike Schneider
Night Of The Living Dead Reanimated --
www.neoflux-animator.com/notldr/notldr.html), Dorian
(sculptor, fine artist turned comic artist/animator)
and writer/illustrator,
JM DeSantis (www.jmdesantis.com).