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January 8, 2011
Event Recap - Saturday, January 8, 2011
New Year Dinner at Mahwah Bar & Grill

Lots of people braved the cold to attend Face the Fiction's
Mahwah Bar & Grill social.  Those that did had a great time.  
The entire night was one silly event after another - from
Todd and Amir's, "I lift things up and put them down" to Bill
using his fingers to count the movies he had recently seen
kindergarten-style - we had fun.  

The night began at 6:30p.  MB&G had the backroom ready
and waiting for us.  It looked inviting and was warm!  Bonus
on such a cold night.  People trickled in throughout the night
which added to the fun.  It was a nice, relaxed evening.  The
food was delicious.   The conversation was hysterical and all
over the place.  Jo and Gene were "acting innocent" - no one
was fooled.

Bill talked about the movies he had seen and gave his
reviews as well as his recommendations - or avoid at all
costs in some cases.  Gene agreed with Bill about some of
the films and gave some reviews of his own.  Chris gave a
strong recommend to The King's Speech (which seemed to
be 'the' film to see).

We talked about TV, the holidays, the weather, and a truly
hilarious discussion about commercials - ergo Todd and Amir
acting out "I lift things up and put them down" - if you have
not seen this commercial:  
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-cpojkILO0.  Too funny!
Now imagine sitting at a table with this being acted out... I
believe it was right about here that Jo was quietly looking
for an escape route...to no avail as she was blocked in!  She
tried valiantly which made it all the sadder.  Hee hee.   No
really...hee.  To add fuel to Jo's pain, BJ encouraged Todd
and Amir.  Enabler!

We were enjoying ourselves so much that dinner wasn't
enough; we all had coffee and many ordered dessert.  Todd,
what's a Kentucky Derby?  

We discussed books recently read and a few for the
upcoming meetings.  Daemon by Daniel Suarez got several
recommends.  Chris enjoyed the book so much he is
currently reading the sequel Freedom.  Liz also talked about
The Steel Remains from December's Modern Masters as she
wasn't able to attend the meeting.  Aurelia wondered who
had read Daemon in preparation for Suspense Central.  
Should be a lively chat.  

Deena is still looking for John Edwards in the parking lot!  
Todd lectured about the dangers of daily beef - don't ask.  
No really, don't.  Bill did not mention ERB once!  A fantastic
event, fun night with many too funny for words moments.  
Can't wait to do this again.