Sue Lange
February 12th, 2011
Event Recap

A great meeting, with a wonderful presentation by Ms.
Lange! She gave a very entertaining introduction to herself
and a marvelous reading of her short story "Shark Attack."
"You want to hear about Animal Rescue?" Had to be there. A
fun and active discussion followed. Interesting questions
from members of our group
abounded. Sue shared her eclectic thoughts on assigning
useful definitions to the many types of fiction, highlighting
the term "slipstream," which is what apparently falls
between science fiction/fantasy and mainstream literary
fiction, aka "the fiction of strangeness." Strangeness - I think
our group knows something about that! You know, the weird
stuff you read that kind of
defies strict classification, which in my experience covers
most of the stuff I've heard discussed in our group. So, the
overall feel of this meeting, like many of our meetings, was,
shall we say... interstitial - (to use another term that was
bandied about last night - between the accepted

And... Well Read Books was a well-chosen venue for the
meeting. Owners Bill and Mary Ann Skees were more than
friendly and welcoming. (Gene McGrath)

Absolutely!  We had a fantastic time...great location at Well
Read, great guest and really nice turn out.

Well Read was not only beautiful aesthetically, there was a
tremendous variety (LOVED the huge selection of used
books - anything with an orange sticker:  1/2 off the cover
price!!), Bill & Mary Ann were wonderful hosts, coffee, tea,

Sue Lange was a lot of fun - loved her very funny opening
monologue.  Interesting presentation on a topic we've not
had before.  The interaction took things to the next level -
we didn't just sit and listen for two hours - we were part of
Sue's presentation.  Sue signed and left copies of two of her
book titles for those who may not have been there
Saturday.  Just ask Bill or Mary Ann - they'll be happy to help.

Great group.  Todd, Thom and BJ did their usual job of
pretending to behave (ask them about spiders & German
toys).  Thankfully, Sue was on to them - particularly
Todd..she'd heard about his gladiator-style tactics at book
purchasing time - lol!  It was too funny when Sue passed out
handouts to the group.  She apologized saying, "I have
handouts.  Well I have handouts for only ten of you.  I guess
Todd will be one."  Sure enough...he was.  The rest of us did
this thing called sharing.....

Don was a perfect addition to the motley crew!  His astute
"self-loathing" observation was Sue's favorite.  Welcome

Excellent time.
Saturday February 12th, 2011

This month we welcome author Sue Lange at a new venue, Well Read
Books ( Ms. Lange
( the author of Tritcheon Hash, We,
Robots, The Textile Planet, and the ebook, "Uncategorized".
Bio info: "Awright, here it is: Graduated Western Michigan
University sometime last century. Worked at Palisades Nuke
Plant in Southwestern Michigan for six years. Moved to New
York City. Started a blues/rock band. Quit that. Began
writing. Two works of science fiction satire published:
Tritcheon Hash and We, Robots. Pick them up at Amazon or
Powells. Borders in Wyomissing, PA has them as well as the
Book Depot. Bunches of short stories publisher here and
there. Joined Visit her bookshelf there
for some free fiction, ebooks, that sort of thing."
The owner of Well Read Books has agreed to stay open late
for us! New venue, fun guest - be there!