Documentary Screening w/ Laws & Licenses of
Comic books/Bar-Be-Con
July 9th, 2011
Saturday July 9th, 2011
Event recap of Comics Documentary/Laws & Licenses Panel
at Well Read Books:

Marvelous meeting, cool film. Great discussion as always.
Party on!
Gene McGrath

I concur - the amount of fun we had was

The documentary was informative, interesting and
entertaining. It was great hearing audience members saying
things like, "I had that issue."  "I remember that"  Even
panel members saying, "I did not know that."  The panel
was fantastic.  Rob, Peter and Ken worked well together,
and told some funny stories (Peter with his really bad Ali and
Oprah books - lmao!)

Talking outside after the, Gina and Gabrielle
trying to decide if telling the officer, "She's not soliciting,
she's giving it away" would hold up in court.....the benefits of
pedicures discussion...Gina announcing in bullhorn fashion

The diner following.........where to start.....Todd's "I could've
danced on the table?  Why didn't someone tell me!!"  Gina
was even more of a live-wire than me...I know, hard to
believe, but true.....Bill's hilarious confusion with "patsies"
and the look on every ones face...sonic screwdrivers...

Good stuff