King of Games Day III
August 13th, 2011
King of Games Day returns for a fun-filled day of games and battle...SFS-style! For game line-up, details
and more please visit:

What is King of Games Day? Well, it is an entire day devoted to nothing but playing games, learning
games, and teaching others about the games we like best. Board Games, Role Playing Games, and
Wargames feature heavily, in the event, and it is a pretty laid back and casual affair.

How can I participate? Show up. Simple as that. There are no fees, dues, subscriptions, human
sacrifices, or other obligations required other than the desire to play games, have fun, and meet people.
If you want to play: show up ready to play.

Warhammer 40,000
and more

Board Games:
Classic Monopoly & Risk
Space Hulk
Horus Heresy
Apples to Apples
and more!

Roleplaying Games:
Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch
and MORE!!

This year's Special Operations Scenario: Warhammer 40,000 The Battle of Space Station Xenoclaustrum
For centuries the secretive Ordo Xenos, the branch of the Imperial Inquisition responsible for studying
and destroying the alien enemies of the Empire of Man, has held prisoner scores of Xenos upon which
they could experiment to learn the best ways to defeat them and preserve Humanity. Now the vile
traitors of the Chaos Space Marines have freed the alien captives and armed them, and as a battle
rages outside the space station, Xenos and Humans fight corridor by corridor seeking final victory. Now,
two teams will command these forces as they fight for dominance in the crowded halls of the massive
For the Emperor!
Space Marines of the Azure Dawn Chapter
Space Marines of the Crimson Suns Chapter
Grey Knights of Titan
Ordo Malleus
King of Games Day III Recap by Todd Ehrenfels

Good afternoon Games Fans of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and welcome to the recap of this
year's King of Games Day III.

This time around we had a lot of volunteers looking to help out with the various games and
such, and we all had a great deal of fun.  I can only really discuss the stuff I personally took
part in, but I do know that several people were engaged in enjoying some films on the screen
at the other end of the room.  They were not having anywhere near as much fun as we were,
though, so I will just say: Ha-ha!  Thanks to Chris Hasselkus for bringing in the movie(s) for all
to enjoy.

Todd Debiak, Thom Purdy, Josh Gordon, Sharon Roberg, Young Master Bill (whose last name I
do not know), and I started off the day by first setting up the Warhammer 40000 Demo.  The
demo, which was going to be a somewhat complex "Apocalypse" style