Jeff Somers
September 10th, 2011
Event Recap for Saturday, September 10, 2011 at Well Read Books:

Much fun was had Saturday, 9/10 at Face the Fiction with Jeff
Somers.  His wife, the hilarious Duchess, offered input as well
(running gag of the night...."awkward").  

Jeff read from the final book, The Final Evolution, in the awesome
Avery Cates series that began with The Electric Church.  If you
haven't read this series it is highly recommended.  Dark, gritty,
fast-paced and just plain fun - this series explores a
post-apocalyptic world where even the "good guys" aren't so good.  
The main character, Avery Cates, is unrepentant, unapologetic and
manages to make you like him regardless.  After reading his
selected piece, Jeff had a Q & A session for well over an hour.  Jeff
even provided some details about upcoming work and new directions
for possible series.

Before Todd posts his version of the event I have to get in out there
that this time a certain 'have to be first in liner'
names...Todd!...outdid himself!  He pre-purchased a STACK of
books, had them waiting on a chair and as soon as the meeting was
over ran up for signing!!  He didn't even cut the line this time - he
completely avoided it.  He is wily that one.  LOL.  And me, I got
distracted...yes, I know, easily done....Mary Ann will confirm it was
the calendars...LOL...the calendars I tell you...and didn't get my
books signed!   Which just means of course that Jeff and the
Duchess will have to come back....subtle hint...subtle hint.

Here's a blog update from our guest Jeff, complete with pictures:

Thank you Jeff and Duchess for a wonderful event and a lot of fun.  
Thanks also for the great pictures and blog.

Thanks to Bill and Mary Ann Skees for a great venue, great coffee
and hosting this event.

If you haven't come out to Face the Fiction, get out here.  Lots of
fun and as Jeff and the Duchess point out, a great bookstore.
(recap by AM)
Saturday, September 10, 2011
7p to 9p

Well Read Bookstore
425 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

This group meets on the second Saturday of each month and
spotlights guest speakers from SF and genre related fields of

We welcome back Jeff Somers, a great writer with a vicious
set of characters to his name.

Since 1995, Somers has published his zine The Inner Swine
and has been a prolific contributor to alt.zines. The 21st
century has seen Somers's transformation from an
observational essayist into a science fiction writer of no small
talent, "a gifted craftsman" with a "funky wit." His first novel,
Lifers was soon followed by the dystopian Avery Cates
series. His novels are published in the US and the UK by
Orbit Books. Somers has also been called one of the
"promising lesser lights" of mystery writing.

You joined us for the start of Avery Cates' career as the
future's most tenacious bad-boy, come join us as we find out
what has happened since Avery first hit the pages in
Electric Church
as Jeff reveals the new novel The Final
and tells us where he is going from here.  See it at
the SFSNNJ's Face the Fiction first!

The Avery Cates Series
1. The Electric Church (2007)
2. The Digital Plague (2008)
3. The Eternal Prison(2009)
4. The Terminal State (2010)
5. The Final Evolution (2011)

Other Works
Lifers (2001)
The Freaks Are Winning (2002)
Blood and Splendor: Sliders Special (1997 Sliders Comic Book

Digital Fiction
The Electric Church (an Alternate Reality Game)
Twitter Fiction
The Eternal Prison Text Adventure