Dr. Kim Paffenroth & Wayne Fieldhouse
March 10th, 2012
Event Recap for Saturday, March 10, 2012 at Well Read

Dr. Paffenroth and Mr. Fieldhouse (and even Todd's
elaborate questions) made for another delightful evening
with the SFSNNJ! A marvelous discussion as always. Cool
discussions continued at the Land and Sea diner
afterwards...(Gene McGrath)

Recap by Ann-Marie:
An amazing event this past Saturday for Face the Fiction.  A
huge crowd (At one point over 50!  There was literally
standing room only) showed up for the panel and a fantastic
donation was made to Autism Speaks.   

Our panel for the night:  Dr. Kim Paffenroth and Wayne
Fieldhouse.  Dr. Paffenroth is a returning guest and Wayne,
local author, is a recent and welcome addition to the
SFSNNJ.  Although Kim and Wayne met the night of the
meeting, you would've thought they worked panels together
all of the time.  The synced well and had the same sense of
humor.  Todd kept things moving as an impromptu
moderator, in fact, he asked a few questions that left our
guests speechless for a bit.  The upside was that we got
some of the most original, thought-provoking, and real
answers we've ever gotten from guest speakers.

Dr. Paffenroth discussed his work, from  his "zombie" novels
Dying to Live, Dying to Live:  Life Sentence, Dying to Live:  
Last Rites,  to his non-fiction work Gospel of the Living Dead:
George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth and his newest
essay in  TRIUMPH OF THE WALKING DEAD (a collection of
essays written by various authors commenting on the AMC
hit series The Walking Dead).  He discussed his teaching at
Iona, his influences, his favorite books, movies and so much
more.  For a complete list of Kim's books please visit:  

Wayne spoke from a very personal place about his book A
Collection of Fantastic and Heartfelt Poems:  vol 1 and why it
was so important to him.  He discussed his background in
the sciences and engineering (Wayne, how's that
sliderule....lol....had to be there).  He offered a look at some
very personal aspects and it made for an engaging and
refreshing event.  Wayne's book can  be purchased at Well
Read Bookstore.

Wayne also gave the SFSNNJ a first!  When I posed the
question to both of our guests as to what they felt a huge
inspiration or impact was on their writing, Wayne said 80's
metal!!  Specifically, King Diamond.  Excellent answer and
quite unexpected.  He went on to say how the words in King
Diamond's albums, especially the second album Abigail,
connected with him.  This concept album, a first for King
Diamond, had depth and intrigued Wayne.  He found it

Dr. Paffenroth, while not influenced by 80's metal, also noted
some music as an inspiration.  Both of them agreed that
lyrics can and do leave an impact.

Dr. Paffenroth also very elegantly downplayed his recent TV
celebrity status.  He was featured on a recent History
Channel special about the origins of zombies entitled,
Zombies:  A Living History, that aired in October.  Very classy
indeed.  If you haven't seen it, it is highly recommended.  
Very interesting special that discusses all of the fables, tales,
plagues, etc. that helped create the "zombie mythos" as we
know it.

The audience threw questions at Kim and Wayne that kept
them on their toes.  Everything from Mass Effect 3 (video
game) to 80's metal to The Walking Dead to other recent TV
series were discussed, mocked, enjoyed and noted.  Todd
kept some order and continued to move things along nicely.  
The questions were original, varied and gave us a treat and
a half!

A favorite discussion for me was about how the kind of
zombie in the story decides your survival odds.  Let's just
say you want a not-so-cognitive-shuffler as opposed to a
thinking-runner if ever we are faced with a zombie

We wrapped things up, people got books signed, stopped to
talk with our guests and had a great time.  The night
continued at the diner, where, as usual, insanity reigned.  
Suffice it to say Todd, Gene and Amir's days are numbered
and they know why!!

Big thanks to all who came out to make this event the
special night it was.  Shout out to Don Smith who brought
half of Hawthorne with him - much appreciated Don!  Thanks
to Wayne for also roping in people - some who had to stand
for over two hours without complaint.  Thanks to both of our
guests for such an entertaining evening.  Thanks to Well
Read for being awesome.  And, thanks to each and every
one of you who joined us for Face the Fiction.  You won't find
a better way to spend the night.

Join us next month for Linda Zimmermann & Don E. Smith, Jr.
7p to 9p

Dr. Kim Paffenroth & Wayne Fieldhpouse

Well Read Bookstore
425 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

This group meets on the second Saturday of each month and
spotlights guest speakers from SF and genre related fields of

Join us for a special Face the Fiction event with Dr. Kim
Paffenroth and SFSNNJ member/author Wayne Fieldhouse.
Proceeds from this event will be donated to Autism Speaks
of Northern New Jersey.
Dr. Kim Paffenroth (www.gotld.blogspot.com)is a professor
of religious studies, and the author of several books on the
Bible and theology. He's also been known to write a mean
zombie novel - Gospel of the Living Dead, Dying to Live and
its sequels. Dr. Paffenroth was recently seen in the History
Channel's Zombies: A Living History which aired in October.

Wayne Fieldhouse is both an SFSNNJ member and published
author. Wayne's book, Collection of Fantastic and Heartfelt
Poems Volume 1 was recently published. Proceeds from the
sale of Wayne's book will benefit Autism Speaks.