Linda Zimmermann and Don E. Smith, Jr.
April 14th, 2012
Event Recap for Saturday, April 14, 2012 at Well Read

A large crowd turned out for Linda Zimmermann with Don E.
Smith returning as moderator.  Great time!

Don kept the evening rolling along with his questions and
added remarks and comments.  Even Linda's husband
tossed out the occasional comment (hilarious)!  Linda
focused on her most recent books HVZA:  Hudson Valley
Zombie Apocalypse and Bad Science:  A Brief History of
Bizarre Misconceptions, Totally Wrong Conclusions, and
Incredibly Stupid Theories, and the adventures that went
with them...and adventures they were.

First up was Bad Science.  Bad Science was the 2011 Silver
Medal Award Winner for Humor in the Independent
Publisher's Awards.  The contest is one of the oldest and
largest, and included 4,000 books from around the world.  
Bad Science: A Brief History of Bizarre Misconceptions, Totally
Wrong Conclusions, and Incredibly Stupid Theories takes a
humorous look at bloodletting, alchemy, quack devices, the
worship of meteorites, faked data, and secret testing on
people.  As the book description quips:  "The history of
science has been fraught with persecution, fraud,and
ignorance on a massive scale, but that doesn't mean we
can't laugh about it!"

Chapters include: 1 Medicine, 2 Chemistry and
Pharmaceuticals, 3 Birth, Contraception & Sex, 4 Dentistry, 5
Geology, Paleontology, Archeology (and other things found
in dirt), 6 Astronomy & the Space Program,and 7 Scientists,
Heredity, DNA, Firearms, and Everything Else that didn't Fit
into Previous Categories.  Don read a selection from the
book and we did laugh.

Next was HVZA.  Don posed the question, "Why zombies?"  
The answer was simple, ever since seeing Night of the Living
Dead as a child, Linda has had a fascination with all things
zombies and it was time to write the book.  Plus, she was
getting tired of ghosts and needed something different.

Linda had us cracking up with her delightful tales of learning
to shoot guns properly for authenticity because she knew
"there's gonna be people who are gun enthusiasts just
waiting to cringe if I write something wrong about a
weapon" - as she passed around the pictures of herself
holding up automatic weapons with glee!  Her husband
added she did seem to like the gun experience a tad too
much lol!

Funniest, hands down, story of the night was Linda, done up
as a zombie for a photo shoot (Linda is the awesomely
creepy zombie on the cover of HVZA), wearing a bloody
white shirt, full face paint with blood dripping and rotting
flesh driving home from New Paltz, NY.  We laughed harder
and harder as she described school children fleeing, fellow
motorists almost driving off the road in their haste to get
away from her, road construction crews passing her through
the site quickly with alarm and pedestrians practically
hopping over one another to hide.  But the absolute best
part of the story was that as all this was happening, Linda
was loving the horrified reactions and decided to use this
horror when she got home.  When she got home, she hid
the bushes by her driveway and decided to ambush her
unsuspecting husband.  Forward fast about 10 minutes,
Unsuspecting Husband is backing into the driveway happy,
unaware and trying not to hit the garage door as he backs
in.  He turns and looks over his left shoulder to find......yup,
you got it....Linda in her zombified state lurking by the side
of the car!!  His reaction was more than Linda could hope
for.  As poor husband sat on the ground trying to regain a
heartbeat, Linda was tickled pink laughing herself silly.  I
can't print what his verbal response was, but, it had the
entire audience hysterical.

Linda discussed and gave us a preview of her upcoming
graphic novel HVZA that she is collaborating on with Don.  
The two talked about the artists being used, the process of
the story development, the dog is OK (had to be there), how
we could find updates on the HVZA website
(  Linda brought along a
storyboard for us to view as well.  Anticipated release date
is September.

Don opened the floor up to questions from the group and we
all had hands raised.  We wrapped things
up...begrudgingly...made our purchases and talked to Linda
and Don before heading out to the diner to continue the fun
well into the wee hours of the morning.  The wee hours.  
Very nice time.  Thanks to Don and Linda for a fascinating,
enlightening and funny evening.

This morning I was online putting this together and looking
up a few things things when something came to my
attention.  Zombies can't type or post on a facebook wall, or
a meetup...I'm waiting for a zombie apocalypse to come :(
Saturday, April 14, 2012
7p to 9p

Linda Zimmermann & Don E. Smith

Well Read Bookstore
425 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

This group meets on the second Saturday of each month and
spotlights guest speakers from SF and genre related fields of

Join us for returning guest Linda Zimmermann(http://www. Linda is the author of 14 books, is a
popular speaker, and has made numerous appearances on
television and radio. She has received honors and awards
for her books on American history, and has lectured at the
Smithsonian, West Point and Gettysburg. Astronomy and the
space program are also favorite topics for her books, articles
and lectures. In addition, Linda has appeared at major
science fiction conventions for her two novels. So, with all
these varied achievements, how on earth did she ever start
writing about ghosts?
Several years ago, Linda was giving a series of history
lectures for the bicentennial of Rockland County, in southern
New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. One evening, someone
asked about local ghosts and legends, so Linda told the one
ghost story she knew. A few days later, she received a call.
The excited voice on the other end of the line said, "I hear
you give ghost talks!" Linda then added a few more ghost
stories to her lectures, word spread, and by the end of the
series, more people were showing up to hear about the
ghosts than the history.
"From that point, my research into ghosts took on a life of its
own," Linda explains (pun most definitely intended). "At first
I just interviewed people who thought they had seen a
ghost, but then the scientist in me wanted to personally
conduct investigations."
Her experience in historical research has also been valuable
in trying to find out about the events and people in a place’s
past, which might help to explain current unusual events.
While she plans to continue investigating all things haunted,
she also has several history and science book projects in
Joining Linda will be Don E. Smith, Jr. moderator

Be ready for a night of fun!