King of Games Day IV
August 11th, 2012

Another successful King of Games Day.  Much fun was had -
lots of food, lots of laughs, lots of games, movies and a
lovely venue.

First, a BIG thank you to Kelly Burke Rickley for securing the
venue and for making sure it was so beautifully decorated,
set up and ready to go for KOGD.  It certainly made the day
enjoyable.  Kelly had tablecloths, decorations and provisions
all set up and made sure food flowed for the entire event.  
Jo was indentured into servitude and got stuck with
microwave duty and waitress duty.  Hee hee....I got the
flamethrower.  Nah Nah!

Everyone who came brought food, snacks and
beverages....we had a great turnout, with several, we had a ton of food.  

Some, like Ana, even brought games to the event.  Ana had
to haul her games on a few different trains all the way from
Queens!  We are so glad Ana came all that way to join in the

Jo came with a bazillion DVDs, the majority of food items,
and a cooler full of ice, soda and iced tea.  

In one part of the room a group of viewers had a fantastic
time watching an Abbot & Costello marathon including Abbot
& Costello Meet Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde and Abbot and Costello
Meet the Mummy.  For some strange reason, Gene seemed
to be confused with a whole S&M theme, which Kelly not only
agreed with but encouraged.  From Gene I expect this,
Kelly.....oh who am I kidding, her too.

The other side of the room was set up for the gaming
events.  Todd outdid himself this year.  He came ready to
maim, eviscerate, and take down the enemy.  He had lists,
character sheets and descriptions, and a boatload of
patience for the novice players.  Hah!  We showed him....and
I did it without having a clue as to how I did, really, no
clue.  Of course, the fact that the game was Dark Heresy and
required phenomenal evil skills had nothing to do with how I
did so well...nothing.  Not one word Todd, not one.  Thom,
stop laughing.  Apparently, I have a knack for eviscerating
the enemy ;)  

Several of Todd's gaming friends joined us this year and had
a great time.  I'm sure they found my awesome eviscerating
skills  Todd put his usual flare into being the
GM - dramatic readings, frantic D10 rolls, and lots of cartoon
swearing (*&%##@).  We relished being the acolytes of
doom and destruction.  We were like a rowdy bunch of
pirates looting and plundering.  We were having so much
and being so boisterous, that the EMTs on call kept coming
in to ask questions and join in the revelry.  Imagine the poor
person having an emergency when the EMTS show up
talking about Dark Eldar, Inquisitors, Psychic Witches and
Killteams.  Hilarious.

Fantastic time, great event, great venue, great game.  Can't
wait to do this again soon.
Saturday, August 11, 2012

King of Games Day

Starts:  3:00pm

William B. Mawhinney Memorial Ambulance Corps.
970 Goffle Road
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

This group meets on the second Saturday of each month and
spotlights guest speakers from SF and genre related fields of

King of Games Day, fun, plundering and mayhem
as KOGD returns with world dominance in mind!