Felix Gilman
November 10, 2012
Saturday, November 10, 2012
7p to 9p

Well Read Bookstore
425 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

This group meets on the second Saturday of each month and
spotlights guest speakers from SF and genre related fields of

Felix John Gilman is a writer of fantasy and weird fiction. His
2007 novel Thunderer was nominated for the 2009 Locus
Award for Best First Novel, and earned him a nomination for
the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in both
2009 and 2010.

Mr. Gilman is the author of the critically acclaimed Thunderer,
Gears of the City, and The Half-Made World, which was listed
by Amazon as one of the ten best SFF novels of 2010. He
lives with his wife in New York City.

Visit his website at

Face the Fiction: Where imagination lives!

*See comments on the night below!
Our guest, Felix Gilman tried valiantly to get to Well Read
- mass transit had other plans.  Back-to-back storms left
mass transit in dire straights and our guest out of luck
for transportation.  We will reschedule Mr. Gilman for a
future date.  He is already working with me and Jo on a

Although we were disappointed, we managed to have a
great time at Well Read.  We had a nice turnout and
everyone chatted nicely...well...almost everyone.  Some
people, not so much - you all know who you are!  We
browsed, had informal discussions about everything from
post Sandy/post Nor'easter, movies, TV, books, made
purchases, and caught up with Paul who is doing
remarkably well after his surgery.  

Gene told us about Skyfall that he had seen earlier in
the day.  He described it as James Bond at his best.   
Argo, Cloud Atlas, Flight (Gene said this one was
compelling and well done but ultimately a commercial for
AA), and Wreck It Ralph were some of the movies

Aurelia asked who had read the book for Monday's
Suspense Central.  I did!  I did!  She hasn't yet, lol.  
Figures.  I even have the sequel read for Modern
Masters.  Yes, I did read the end first...so there

Burn Notice began a new season this past week which
garnered some discussion and predictions.  American
Horror, Family Guy and web comics were talked about.  
We were having a great time and conversation was
lively, varied and lots of fun.  

It was getting late so we gave a very tired Bill and Mary
Ann a break and allowed them to go home while we
headed over to the recently re-opened Suburban Diner
to continue giving Todd anguish ;)  Todd very bravely
tried to keep the hounds at bay.  He told us about his
recent trip to Hershey, PA, his job and the benefits of
traveling for his job;)

This is for Mark and he knows why:  

This is for Gene, yup, he knows why:  

Very nice evening.