Holiday Dinner/Panel
December 8th, 2012
Event Recap for Saturday, December 8, 2012
eran Church of the Redeemer, Ramsey, NJ

The annual holiday dinner/guest panel was a lot of fun and
the panel was fantastic.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and
it was nice chatting and seeing everyone.  New faces, like
Matt, joined in the merriment as we all ate waaaay too much
and had a good time.

Big thanks to Don Smith for putting together an amazing
panel of guests that were highly entertaining.  With Don
Smith-moderating, our panel consisting of two returning
guests Linda Zimmerman and LA Kuehlke, and new to the
spotlight Nick Mackoviac, spoke about creating and bringing
a comic book/graphic novel to life.  Our guests discussed
inspirations, how they got started, what they are currently
working on and some upcoming teasers.  We took a break
for dessert and reconvened for a Q & A session that our
guests were happy to join in.  Remi kept them on their toes
with her questions.  Big thanks to our panel for an awesome

Each year we have more and more food.  This year was
outrageous!  Once again BJ emptied the shelves of
Stop&Shop to bring everything under the sun to the party.  
No seriously, you should've seen the size of the box he
hauled in - plates, cups, paper towels, napkins, cutlery,
sparkling cider, dip, salsa, chips, the most decadent
chocolate cake ever (Don and I tried to hide it but it was
found and served - there will be retribution people ! LOL!).  
Everyone brought too much and we indulged, and indulged

To everyone - too many to list and name but you all know
who you are and what you brought - who contributed,
helped set up, clean up, take some of the leftovers home,
chatted, ate and enjoyed the night with us...THANK YOU for
helping make the night memorable, enjoyable and special.  
That's what the holidays are all about - friends.  

Special thanks to Dean Cartier for acquiring the room and
decorating the place so beautifully.  We appreciate all you do

This is always a fun time and this year was no exception.  
Great panel line-up, they never stopped laughing and
neither did we.  You had to be there.  

Join us in January at Mahwah Bar & Grill for our annual New
Year get together on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at
6:30pm.  For those of you who haven't been to this before, it
is an enjoyable time.  We sit and talk, eat, and relax.  It is a
nice way to start off the New Year in a friendly atmosphere.  
Details will be available prior to the event as usual.
Saturday, December 8, 2012
7p to 9p

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
55 Wyckoff Ave
Ramsey, NJ, 07446
(201) 327-0148

This group meets on the second Saturday of each month and
spotlights guest speakers from SF and genre related fields of

Our annual holiday dinner and guest panel returns.

Join us for our annual Holiday Dinner Guest Panel. We will
enjoy dinner (approx. 6:45pm) before our guest panel takes
the stage at 8pm. Dinner and panel will be followed by
dessert, coffee and conversation.

Please join us for a stellar panel of guests who will bring to
life the various stages and steps it takes to make a graphic
novel/comic book.

Our panel includes:

Janine Frederick, writer

Ken Frederick, artist

Nick Mockoviak, artist

Linda Zimmermann, writer

Don Smith, writer