On the weekend of June 19 - 22, 2008, the SFSNNJ gathered to remember and honor SFS member
William "Bill" Molendyk at the
Bill Molendyk Charity Gaming Event.  Reality's Edge hosted the
event. Here's how things went in Todd's words:

Greetings from the front lines.  As you all know, the Bill Molendyk and Carol Smith Memorial Gaming
Weekend was this past weekend.  During the course of the weekend, much fun and many games
were enjoyed by the participants.  During the course of events on Saturday, the Orcs of the Band
of the Broken Skull, a mercenary company operating on behalf of the Karrak Kingdom, held the
pass for twelve hours.  Over the course of that time they fought wave after wave of Giants, slicing,
dicing, and buring their way through Kynar Frost Giants with reckless abandon.  The final tally for
kills was:

Band of the Broken Skull: 154 confirmed kills, 22 Wounded as of close of game
Warband of Jarl Frekkan: 17
Individual Kill Tallies:
Kryshtak the Barbarian - 21
Gigbee the Mage - 66 kills
Kyrang the Firahl - 23
Gyfslok the Hunter - 15
Shee'rah the Fighter - 10
Nakar the Thief - 5
Uruk the Monk - 3
Gunak the Barbarian - 1

Special thanks to the players who tallied up all the kills for the cause:
Brian O'Dell - Game Master, Referee, and all around Sadist who threw the Giant hordes at us and
designed the Orcs for maximum lethality
Craig Hatler - '16 boulders is more than most wizards can handle, 32 is a bit ridiculous'
Michael Dunn - 'What?!  That hit should have killed at least three of them!"
Danny - "Smite in the name of charity!"
Thom Purdy - 'Can I flank with anybody?!'  backstabbing for dollars!
Brian Saccomanno - 'So I just start off raging, right?'
Abdul Manickram - 'Call me something else, I refuse to be known as She'rah!'
Paul Dellechaiae - '16 plus 32 plus 40 plus whatever numbers Todd keeps adding that I don't
BJ Pehush - 'Wait, I get to add that to ALL my attacks?!'
Justin Heba - 'I guess I kill him more.'
Todd Ehrenfels - 'CLEEEEEEEEAVE!  Uh-oh, ran out of piggies..."
and all the other folks whose names and quotes I did not catch!
This page is dedicated to William "Bill" Molendyk -
long-time friend, gamer and SFSNNJ member.  He will be
missed but well remembered.  Game on Bill.
It is with great sadness that I inform everyone of the
passing of Bill Molendyk late last night.
Brian Keveney
Remembrances and Condolences
I'm in shock.  I've known Bill for over 25
years. He was one of the nicest easy going
guys I've ever known. My condolences to his
family, and everyone who called him friend,
which is just about everyone who got to know
him.  Bill, you will be missed.
Thom (Thomas Purdy)
We have lost truly a creative and kind
man. Some of the happiest times I
have had were around the gaming
table with Bill. He will be missed.
James Smith "cyberpirate"
I am very sorry to hear this sad news.  
My condolences to all on this message
board who knew him well.  I will
remember him as a fellow enthusiastic
movie fan.
Bill Molendyk was a great man,
beloved by all who knew him, and I
shall definitely miss his wit and
bonhomie. Anything that you, Ana,
Todd Debiak, or the Molendyk family
need is yours for the asking!
Todd V. Ehrenfels
Jim and I are very sorry to learn of Bill Molendyk's passing.
We didn't know him as well as the gamers(or other folks in
the group did).  I will remember him as a kind man who had
an exceptional knowledge of movies, cartoons,computers, &
wrestling,and the contributions he made to our discussions
at the Themes/Topic group. Our condolences to all that
knew him well.
Steve & Jim Spinosa
I knew Bill M. mostly from the anime
showings that either Chuck or Taras
would provide. He was a real decent
guy with a great wit. He will be missed
by all that had the pleasure to know
Chris H.
I was upset to hear of
Bill's passing. He'll be
missed by a large
number friends.  And
I'm one of them. I'll be
looking for details, too.
Chuck Garofalo
I did not know him
personally, but I am so
sorry to hear of his
Liz Marcus
Because Bill chose not to participate in Chuck's
current D&D campaign I had lost touch with him
once I moved upstate.
I hosted his Traveller game for the prior two years
and to thank me he gave me my D&D 3.5 Players
Handbook for which I will always be thankful.
We should all thank our creator for having given us
a friend such as he!
Alan John Polyniak
That about says it all Chuck...he
was a great guy none of us had
enough time with. I remember a
man who you could have a
conversation with about any
subject. Whether it was math,
science, art, or whatever, he knew
something or had met someone
who was an expert. I remember a
time when he sat with me and my
girlfriend at the time and she found
him very intelligent  & charming. He
will be missed by anyone who had
the pleasure of his company.
James Smith
The problem with remembering Bill Molendyk, for me, is
there's so much to remember.  He was great as a games
master or as a player in the many games we both played
in.  And the conversations at various clubs or rides
together, whether I was bumming a ride off Bill or him off
me.  Trips to the movies together.  The chance meetings in
local stores. His visiting me in the hospital when I was
sick.   A few times Mom and I had him over at the house.  
Even his reactions when he met the new kitten we'd
My Mom remembers him as well, she knew him mainly from
his job at the Leows/AMC theater.
I'm sorry for Bill's passing, and also sorry I saw so little of
him this past year or so because of his various problems.  
He was a great guy, what else can I say?
Charles Garofalo
Thom (and everyone
else) --
I'm going to miss him,
too.  I knew him for about
20 years, from the old
NJSFS days.  My
condolences to his family.
Paul Dellechiaie