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7:30p - 10p
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Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace
10 Triangle Plaza
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Films to Come: 4 Star Movie Discussion Group
This unique group discusses the world of cinema and entertainment. Classic, current
and upcoming genre and genre-related films, TV, books and media happenings are
discussed. If it deals with entertainment, our dynamic Master of Entertainment
Moderator will cover it. So much more than films to come!
Films to Come
2/17/19 recap

Chris H
The discussion centered on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Some attendees had seen
the night before
the discussion. The film received mixed reviews, but generally J.J.
Abrams did an adequate job of wrapping up the saga.
A beloved franchise with fervent
fans makes for an almost impossible task of 100% satisfaction.
Other films garnering
attention include "Marriage Story" "Little Women" and "Richard Jewell" which the
moderator and I saw Christmas day and enjoyed - for the most part one can't go
wrong with a Clint Eastwood production. More conversation continued at a nearby
diner. Great way to wrap up the year.