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7:30p - 10p

Panera Paramus
770 Rt. 17 North
Paramus, NJ

Films to Come: 4 Star Movie Discussion Group
This unique group discusses the world of cinema and entertainment. Classic,
current and upcoming genre and genre-related films, TV, books and media
happenings are discussed. If it deals with entertainment, our dynamic Master
of Entertainment Moderator will cover it. So much more than films to come!
Films to Come
10/19/18 recap

Chris H
Besides celebrating George B.'s birthday, we delved into the world of film. Venom was
a hot topic. For a somewhat silly and not well rated film, it's doing exceptionally well at
the box office. The star Tom Hardy has a lot to do with it. Other films discussed were A
Star Is Born (Bradley Cooper great as both director and star, Lady Gaga ok acting
wise), First Man, a film about Neil Armstrong starring Ryan Gosling, directed by the
director of LaLa Land. The trailers for Aquaman, previously mentioned in Drawing A
Crowd, were awesome. Television shows for the new season were also mentioned.
Supernatural going into it's 14th season, a new Superman series (in that further films
of the character have been put on hold) is on the horizon, and other new contenders
like Manifest. Fun and informative evening.
Films to Come
11/16/18 recap

Chris H
Upcoming December films were discussed based on the moderator's infamous Maltin
List. Some of the anticipated films include Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Poppins Returns,
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Bumblebee (a Transformers prequel), Holmes &
Watson (a comedy version), Roma (directed by Alfonso Cuaron). Discussion was lively
and varied with people chiming in about what they'd seen and were looking forward to
seeing. A nice variety of big movies, smaller indie type films and TV were offered for
discussion. Festivities continued at the nearby Tom Sawyer Diner. Fun night as always.