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Next discussion:  Friday, February 17, 2017
7:30p - 10p

Panera Paramus
770 Rt. 17 North
Paramus, NJ

Films to Come: 4 Star Movie Discussion Group
This unique group discusses the world of cinema and entertainment. Classic,
current and upcoming genre and genre-related films, TV, books and media
happenings are discussed. If it deals with entertainment, our dynamic Master
of Entertainment Moderator will cover it. So much more than films to come!
Films to Come
10/21/16 recap

We had an interesting discussion. Some of us saw Shin Godzilla during its limited run.
It was good seeing the Japanese rebooting the entire franchise. Another film seen and
discussed was The Accountant starring Ben Afflek as an autistic mathematician. Next
month wehope Barry will go over the 50 most powerful superheroes per Entertainment

Hi -- I certainly enjoyed the meet on 10/21. Although a certain facile facilitator was
missed! We  -- some who usually come were actually out WATCHING a film? ----  
gathered and waxed nostalgic for the old, and rhapsodic for the new, Godzilla/Gojira!
Mostly.  Also reviewed: The Accountant -- Magnificent Seven -- and a quick shout out
for Luke Cage.
See yall next month.

Always a good group
Films to Come
11/18/16 recap

Doctor Strange dominated the early discussion. Unfortunately, the dreadful film
Battleship Earth was brought up. A film of special interest called Passengers starring
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt debuting on or around December 21st was also
mentioned. Handouts included Entertainment Weekly's 50 Most Powerful Superheroes.
I'm sure that will be discussed further in December. Fun and informative meeting.  
Many genre films coming out this holiday season beginning with Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them.  Should be fun season of releases making for a fun December
Films to Come
12/16/16 recap

Chris H
A spirited discussion, mostly about the new Stat Wars entry, Rogue One. Everyone
who had seen it agreed it was far superior to the previous sequels.
The 10 best movies of 2016 per Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine were
compared and discussed.  One notable standout was that Sully, starring Tom Hanks,  
was number one on People's list, but was not listed at all on EW's. Very enjoyable
evening and an excellent wrap up to 2016.